Showing off:
3DS composites give a stereoscopic view

Even Nintendo admits that showing off the 3DS is tricky, but that’s not about to stop us from trying.   Although these images don’t do justice to the indescribable visual treat the 3DS produces, reader Michael Rose extracted these stereoscopic images from some 3D footage, further deepening rumors that Infendo readers are by far the coolest people on the planet:

I took screencaps from the handful of videos of the 3DS in action at the Nintendo press conference, looking in particular for parts where the journalist rotated the screen in front of the camera while leaving the perspective controls alone, hoping to catch the screen as the two parallax fields flash separately past the camera. Anyway, I ran some of the images through a stereoscopic alignment program and have produced what I believe are the first more or less 3D captures of the 3DS screen actually running.

Michael and I both tried our hands at throwing these stereoscopic captures into animated gifs, which while nice, still don’t quite do the effect justice.  Check out Mike’s awesome gif right here, or you can click through to my own less awesome, seizure inducing composite.  Or to use an old internet 3D-gif standby, the 3DS pretty much looks like this dinosaur.

Hit the jump for a few more of Michael’s stereoscopic captures.

First up? The source images for Mike’s animated Gif:

Next? A Zelda Game that doesn’t exist:

Hopefully Nintendo will find a better way to showcase the 3DS effect to the general public using our meger 2D TV and computer screens, but until now, we’ll have to make do with some clever image captures and imagination.  I can personally vouch that the 3DS looks a dozen time cooler than these awesome composites already look, but at least these are a valiant attempt to show off an amazing, indescribable effect.

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