Sega’s Genesis titles will be on Revolution

According to Spong, Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) titles will be available for the Revolution backcatalog download system. From the article: “Our long-term, trusted source told us, under terms of strick anonymity, that Sega is “on the brink of being in a position to announce exactly what it has agreed [with Nintendo]” with the 16-bit console’s first-party catalogue to lead the way. Our source was unable to shed light on the possibility of Master System, GameGear, Mega CD, 32X and, dare we say it, Saturn games featuring on Revolution, though an announcement regarding the Genesis range will be made at E3 at the latest.”

[Source: Spong via GoNintendo]


  1. A single tear just rolled down my cheek :…) it’s a beautiful thing

  2. I feel like this really is a Revolution… The Old School’s Last Stand, where former enemies are now allies in the struggle against the MegaCorporations.

  3. Why oh why is there no question mark in the headline?

    That’s all i’ll say on the subject.

  4. I agree. It’s as if Sega is joining Nintendo in telling Sony and Microsoft that they’ve got it all wrong. They’re leading the world of gaming to it’s eventual demise. Nintendo saved the video game world in the mid 80’s when it had already crashed and burned, and now revolution is the second coming. It’s a preemptive action, because we’re not there yet, but if multimedia and non game centric capabilities keep creeping onto the seen, the industry will be in emergency need of salvation.

    Nintendo’s policy of creating hardware only for the purpose of gaming is one that is tried and true. The only example that I need to give is the iPod. iPod is so wildly successful because at it’s core, it is a computer intended for only one purpose. The argument can be made that the revolution will play dvds and the iPod now plays video, but these functionalities are more closely related to the primary function of the devices. iPod is for the portability of sound, and now portable video goes hand ih hand. Revolution is for family centered entertainment, and watching DVDs is an activity the whole family can enjoy. These functionalities have arisen out of consumer demand, and adoption within the market on a mass level. However, revolution stays more true to its core, because DVD playback is not standard out of the box.

    Old rivals are banding together to complete the revolution and bring gaming back into it’s glory days. I’m thouroughly impressed with Nintendo opening the door to non-exclusive-to-nintendo games with the revolution’s virtual console. It shouldn’t matter who made the games, or who made the hardware, as long as they are FUN, INVENTIVE, SIMPLE and UNIQUE at the most basic level. This holds true outside of the incredibly inventive world of Nintendo, just look at games like Katamari Damacy–unique, inventive, fun and SIMPLE.

    It’s this kind of cooperation that will bring gaming back to everyone who has been snubbed by the complexity and lack of originality of late in the gaming world, while at the same time opening the door to so many others who never knew what they were missing.

    My only fear is that the world still isn’t ready for such a drastic change. Resident Evil 4 is arguably the best in the series, and that’s because it totally stood the series on it’s head and took a completely different direction that it’s predecessors. Those who understood why it’s so great will get the message–that change is good–and those who only accepted it when it was released for PS2 will sadly continue to be single minded in their views.

    Sorry for rambling 🙂

  5. *APPLAUSE* Preach it brother! 😀

  6. This is awesome. I remember when I found out how to play old genesis games on my Dreamcast, it totally increased the value of the system (in my eyes) like 100 fold. Can’t wait for this to happen with the Revolution.

  7. It had to happen. Well, I should say, it HAS to happen.

    I always wanted Sega to offer their content on the service. They’re 3rd party now and many other companies are offering their games. Why not Sega? And why not the Genesis?

    All I really want out of the whole download service is a way to transfer games to a Nintendo DS to play on the go. That would be the best!

  8. I used to have the Sega Channel (In addition to your cable bill you could pay to play several different games a month, a bit like pay per view for Sega. Some cities may not have had it)

    The fact is I got a Super Nintendo and my dad took it back and got a Sega Genesis, and to me in a many ways the Sega was better (also only my view) and never got a Super NES again. I must say this makes me very, VERY VERY happy. That is if it happens.

    You should put a question mark on that. I only believe what Nintendo announces since speculation has been very nuts.


  9. If it wasn’t Spong saying this, I’d be extremely excited right now. I think it’s highly likely, as I remember the Sega of America president joking about it in an interview with Nintendo Power a few months back, but I don’t think Spong’s word is credibile enough to get excited…yet. If only because it’s Spong. 🙁

  10. If it wasn’t Spong saying this, I’d be extremely excited right now.”

    *whipsers “thank you”*

  11. Wasn’t Spong correct about the revo controller at the Tokyo Toy Show? Hmm?

    Anyway, yes they’ve been known to BS in the past, but isn’t there something hilarious in the fact that even without original games announced at this point, the Revolution is already beating 360 and PS3 in the gameplay department using games that are 10 to 20 years old?

  12. This actually stemmed from a comment Reggie made during the MKDS event in Bellevue. So it could be legit that Sega is planning on bringing some old school titles to the Revolution. Lots of money involved if they price it right too.

  13. Yeah.

    Some people took the second paragraph too seriously. I actually had my hopes up, until Spong did a story about it.

  14. “Wasn’t Spong correct about the revo controller at the Tokyo Toy Show? Hmm?”

    For the millionth time, they guessed. Remember they also sed Mario 128 would be shown there. Then when they were wrong about that bit, they sed Miyamoto would show Mario at DIEC on December 2nd. That didn’t happen either.

    Thank u NGal and Anon.

  15. A single tear just rolled down my cheek :…) it’s a beautiful thing

    Not half as beautiful as a new Sega system would be.

  16. Good nite Sony and Microsoft

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