Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to all the Infendo readers out there. To our international friends, we extend this day of thanks to your part of the world. Come join in on the four day weekend.

What games will you be playing over the holiday?



  2. yeah, same here ^_^

  3. Princess Maker 2!!!

  4. Tales of Symphonia, oddly enough. Picked it up at Best Buy for a mere $20.00 in a bin…! The game went player’s choice, and I guess they had a few too many lying around…but it’s a fanastic game and a fun and freewheeling RPG, just like they used to be.

  5. Oh God, um, let’s see…

    Star Wars Battlefront II for PC
    The Movies for PC
    Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for Xbox
    Fire Emblem for GBA
    Fire Emblem II for GBA
    Fire Emblem for GCN

    and of course, Mario Kart DS.

    And I’ve bought all of these within the past 3 weeks. Fun aplenty!

  6. Mario Kart DS…..

  7. Mario Party 7, Animal Crossing DS (I am in Japan), Any other GCN game that seems fun at the time… Possibly go back to SMB and SMB 2, or some Double Dash.

  8. Happy Turkey Day… Infendo!!!

  9. I would celebrate if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m not fond of turkey and that I live in Britain lol. Ah well happy thanks giving day to all those relevent. 😀

  10. Happy Thanksgiving from Austria!

    I´ll pretend to have a 4 day holiday too here in Europe and play like nuts:

    Castlevania DS & Metroid Prime: Echoes

    still didn´t finish Killer7…

    gotta take work a little less serious!! 😛

    *heads home*


  12. Super Mario Kart.
    Mega Man X.
    Goof Troop.
    NBA Jam.
    Super Bases Loaded.
    Yoshi’s Island.

    SNES is the best system of all time.

    But…MAN, do I need a DS.

  13. Actually it’s my friend’s tradition to try and finish Toe Jam and Earl every thanksgiving. He’s never done it but this year I’m going to help him try. But I suppose when we’re not doing that I’ll be cooking or playing Mario Kart DS!

  14. Super Mario Bros. 3 on my Dreamcast

  15. mario kart ds
    castlevania ds
    warioware twisted
    dK jungle beat.

  16. Me: Metroid Prime 2: Echos
    Wife: LoZ: Minish Cap

  17. lol Thanksgiving in Canada was over weeks ago

    Mario Kart, NO WIFI NOOO must dig tunnel under firends house
    Spartan Total Warrior
    Hoping to get Animal Crossing once it comes out

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