Seattle Mariners fans experience the Nintendo Fan Network

DS, Mariners, baseballFirst, Seattle Mariners fans get access to some Mariners-branded Nintendo DS’s. Now we find out they’re ordering food and drinks, watching live television feeds of the game, and accessing stats . Even if you’re not a baseball fan, this kind of geeky Nintendo-related news is pretty incredible.

The innovative program is called the Nintendo Fan Network. For a fee ($5 for one game or $30 for 10 games), the network uploads a program onto the user’s DS Lite and allows fans to order food and drinks, watch the live television feed of the game, access stats and scores and play trivia, all from the comfort of their seat ’ whether it’s a premium seat behind home plate or in the top row of the stadium.

This is but one of the many applications we can expect to see from Nintendo and partner companies from here on out, especially as the meteoric success of the DS continues unabated. Besides playing games, what woudl you like your DS to do?

[Thanks, Blake!]