Satoru Iwata makes Barron’s list, one step closer to world domination

Even stuffy financial types are getting on the Nintendo bandwagon, and with good reason. The Kyoto-based flagship of fun has capitalized on the success of the Wii and the DS to the tune of $6 billion in cash. Oh, and Satoru Iwata was the only video game exec to make Barron’s top 40 CEOs list.

Kyoto, Japan-based Nintendo’s earnings are jumping and its cash hoard has swelled to more than $6 billion. Iwata, a former game developer, says his strategy is simple: “We are not fighting against other companies–we are fighting against ignorance of video games.” Certainly, no one is in the dark anymore about Nintendo’s potential.

Rumors of Iwata erecting a giant Scrooge McDuck-style money bin have been greatly exaggerated. The solid gold bidet may have some truth to it, however.

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