Rumor: Wii U name could be scrapped in favor of something, anything, better

Just imagine what must be happening at Nintendo headquarters right about now. After thwarting Miyamoto’s lastest attempt to escape his cell and fighting to turn a profit even among the recent sales success of 3DS, Nintendo is once again facing criticism over something else. The name Wii U. I mean, I have never really much cared for the name of Nintendo’s forthcoming console, but then again, I didn’t much care for the name Wii. It seems that someone at Nintendo doesn’t like it either, and some discussion is happening as to whether they should change the name of the console.

It is speculated that the recent change of heart when it comes to the consoles naming is concerned is due to the confusion about what exactly the Wii U is. Even on Infendo where I would like to think our audience are among the most intelligent Nintendo fans on the Internet, when Wii U was revealed at E3, there was some confusion as to whether it was a new console or simply a peripheral for the Wii.

I think Nintendo could do much better than Wii U, and that they should. If they would like to keep with the Wii branding, how about Super Wii? Maybe they could go another direction entirely and call it the Nintendo Vista. How about Nintendo Gametab? Ok, so maybe I’m not very good at this, but I’m sure SOMEONE at Nintendo could come up with something better than Wii U.

What do you think Nintendo should call Wii U? Can you come up with anything better?

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30 Responses to Rumor: Wii U name could be scrapped in favor of something, anything, better

  1. wakko1337 says:

    I feel like people would be happy if they brought the old “Revolution” codename for the Wii up for the WiiU.

  2. Brandy says:

    I think it should be something like the “Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System.” It sounds old school and still has the U.

  3. Brian says:

    Nintendo Game Hub
    Nintendo Power Block
    NES HD
    Nintendo HD-1
    Nintendo N6

  4. Mohan says:

    Finally they are coming to their senses!

  5. Supersonic196 says:

    Nintendo Dimension has a nice ring to it.

  6. Richard says:



  7. monkat says:

    I was actually kind of fond of Project Café.

    I would totally be behind naming it, “Café”

  8. Âlvärö says:

    I personally liked Nintendo Xtream ir any stream variation…

  9. Ross says:

    I really like @Brandy ‘s response. The UNES.

  10. Eugene says:

    I can get down with the UNES. Dimension is intriguing as well.

  11. B-Dogg says:

    Super Wii II Turbo HD Remix

  12. Eugene says:

    Tournament Edition

  13. CZsWorld says:

    It’s as simple as Wii 2. Or Nintendo 6. Nintendo WiiDS.

  14. Koopa Trooper says:

    They should name it Nintendo VIEW.

  15. Metalwings says:

    Please, anything but a “whatever “2 , 3 , 4. But I like NES HD just for the nostalgia factor. Then again, I’ll buy it no matter what they name it.

  16. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    I’d be down with the Nintendo Revolution. Base the marketing off of the freedom of the Nintablet, and BAM.

    Or the Nintendo Core, Nintendo Cafe, Nintendo Connect3d, Nintendo Station, Nintendo HD, Nintendo Optical, Nintendo Duo, Nintendo Vision… etc.

  17. Dan says:

    Either Ultra NES or Nintendo Ultra

  18. Lord Lemmy says:

    I really like the whole “UNES/Ultra NES” thing. People would probably call it Ultra Nintendo for short. It sounds nostalgic AND new at the same time. I’m an oldschool gamer, even though most games I love came out before or a few years after I was born. lol That’s probably why I like it so much.

  19. squirrel brain says:

    Because it’s stoopid.

  20. EdEN says:

    They should just leave it as it is. You’ve got the Wii branding, the U (as in you), and the tablet. Price it at $299 and get a killer head start on the competition, while loosing $60-90 per console sold in the first year. Recover that from fees collected from games sold by 3rd parties and by huge sales for 1st party games.

  21. Blake says:

    Why not something simple like Nintendo Touch.

  22. Zalvex says:

    Nintendo HD
    Nintendo Stream
    Wii 2
    Super Wii

  23. Billman64 says:


    It plays Wii games with Wii hardware, so it has to have Wii in the name. Not to mention that it’s already a popular, established name already that could bolster sales and possibly recreate the success the Wii had.

  24. NimH37 says:

    What about, “Cacao?”
    That’s kinda cool… a safe word.

  25. The Adza says:

    Wii U has unfortunately grown on me. There are many problems with keeping the Wii name, but there would be many more problems if they ditched it. Seeing it does use Wii peripherals and play Wii games, trying to get the mums and dads buying wii controllers for their kids new Nintendo U Super Stream Revolution would be a marketing nightmare. I would just like it to be simply the “U” but that would be hard to copyright. Unfortunately I do think we are stuck with it.

  26. Kytim89 says:

    They should rename the Wii U to be “Super Wii.” It brings back fond memories of perhaps Nintendo’s best home console ever and the word “Super” gives a sense of empowerment, which the Super Wii would bring to the Wii brand of consoles. It still have the “Wii” name so that Nintendo can still make money off of the Wii’s popularity and at the same time Nintendo can get more word of mouth because the “Super Wii” is so much easier to pronounce and remember.

  27. Bryan M says:

    I am oddly fond of the UNES–Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System–name. It’s retro, yet futuristic, and instantly recognizable.

  28. Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System? How about just call it, like, I dunno, THE ULTRA 64!!! Oh wait…

  29. David says:

    I could get behind UNES or NintendoHD. I could see it now at E3, they show clips from old games going as back as the NES and transitioning those games into beautiful eyegasmic masterpieces on the UNES so they could emphasize the return to challenging, old-school, fundamental games yet with beautiful graphics to compete with the current gen consoles in the visual department.

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