Rumor: Mario Paint

Mario Paint Box ArtHow about this for a rumor: Spong claims to have confirmation from an “inside source” that Mario Paint is in the works for DS. Even more, they mention online collaboration with a Revolution verison of Mario Paint.

A DS Mario Paint makes tons of sense. The DS is perfectly suited for such a game, in fact so is the Revolution. So, is it fact or fiction? Only time will tell, but I personally loved the original Mario Paint.


  1. Even aside from the painting, the animation would make so much sense on both platforms. More fluid and intuitive than a mouse even. Drawing an animation path with the Revo controller would be so practical, with the ability to zoom in and out, rotate and whatever. Our PC animation brethren will be jealous.

  2. And fly swatting!

  3. I don’t buy it.

  4. Actually imho that’s not too bad.
    Well for me at least 😉
    I would just buy the music version.
    I can’t draw, let alone animate…

    Matio Paint DS/Rev is a very very nice idea !
    Hehe you could even connect the DS with Mario Paint DS to the Rev with Mario Paint Rev!
    Make textures on the DS, put them on an object modeled on the Rev, animate it on the Rev and put the finished film on your DS to show it (and trade !) with your friends!
    w000000t 😉

  5. Who the hell said its gunna cost $100?

  6. I’m more inclined to believe it. Spong has been wrong in the past, but they also have a been right. They were saying that the Revolution control would be shown at TGS while everyone else was still saying it was unlikely.

    Plus, it just makes sense. Mario Paint was a great game, and this is the type of game that you not only expect from Nintendo but fits well with both the DS and the Revolution.

  7. What is with ppl’s sudden willingness to believe Spong? They didn’t get the Revolution thing right, they just made an educated guess. Besides, IGN Matt was saying it long before them. So were lots of ppl. I mean, didn’t Spong also claim Mario 128 was gonna be there? Hellooo? Put two and two together.

    I don’t have anything againsat them, but they have next to nocredibility. This Mario Paint business is just another guess and everyone believes it cause it makes sense. Well, guess what? That’s how they get u to buy their bull. Just like the controller, it makes sense.

    How can buy into a rumor from such an incredulous site?

  8. “Nintendo now feels it might be better to release three titles, one for painting, one for animation and one for making music.”

    I could see them separating out the music, but separating the painting and animation is really not gonna happen. What would you animate if you couldn’t paint? If this title is even really happening, I’m sure it would have all three.

  9. “How can buy into a rumor from such an incredulous site?”

    It’s on the internet. I believe 99.999% of what I read on the internet. 😉

    Nah, I believe it not because it came from Spong, but because I like the sound of it and want to believe it.

    Even if it isn’t true, the Internet has a way of making hype for something and getting big companies to take notice.

    So, if it’s not true it SHOULD be, and that’s enough for me to believe until it becomes true.

  10. ^_^

    Yea but my point is that ppl think it’s official cause Spong reported it. It’s obvious that this idea will hit Nintendo if it hasn’t already.

  11. better keep the music and the animation ends… those were cool

  12. I hope it is, it’s the birthplace of Homestar!!!!!! That’s enough reason right there.

  13. why is it that some people can’t understand that sometimes it not possible to get an official comment because the company doesn’t want it known yet? it doesn’t mean its not true!!! this site has come out with some big screwups in the long past, but during the last year they have been very good on “making up” correct rumors. lol

  14. People sure wanna believe, huh?

    I don’t think it’s not true, what i don’t believe is what Spong is reporting. Some version of Mario Paint will hit at least the DS sooner or later.

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