Rumble Pak Sold Separately

Gamers can now purchase a Rumble Pak by its lonesome for a quick $9.99. I like the direction Nintendo’s online store is going in.

[Source 4 color rebellion]


  1. Does anyone know if the Rumble Pak works with Mario Kart DS?

  2. No it doesn’t.

  3. Yeesh, then what’s the point if all it’s good for it Metroid Pinball??

  4. It works with Mario & Luigi 2 and Hunters.

  5. Neither of those games are even out yet. Is there a list with all the Rumble Pak enabled games out there?

  6. No. Those r all the announced ones.

    If u lose one and need another, that’s the point.

  7. Plus they arent included with Mario and Luigi PiT, so if your not a pinballer you can still rumble.

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