Rumble Pak Now Available Sans Metroid Pinball

For a measely ten shells you can now get your very own DS rumble pack through Nintendo’s online store. Right now the peripheral works with, of course, Metroid Pinball and also Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. I’m sure now that the Pak is available for such a low price, 3rd party game companies will aslo jump on the rumbling band wagon, so start scanning the packaging of new DS games for rumble compatability.


  1. Yeah, I noticed this for sale on the Nintendo web site a while ago, been tempted to pick it up.

    Here’s a question, the icon isn’t on the box, but part of teh tag line of Electroplankton is “Feel it” – does that mean that there’s rumble? Or are they just talking about touching the screen?

    Will it work with Prime Hunters??

  2. Check out the US patent for Dynamic haptic feedback. It’s a very interesting patent. The ability to sync the Rumble pack with the Stylus movement and touch is awesome.

    The main thing about the patent is the dynamic approach. Depending on how much health or how strong you are or the enemy is you get a different vibration. So it wouldn’t be the same thing over and over again.

  3. Wasn’t Nintendo going to release a better Rumble Pak for the DS Lite? I recall reading that somewhere.


  4. Ya really, who wants to buy this thing that will hang out all ungainly like from their sleek new DS Lite?

  5. Magnetica is going to work with it I beleive.

  6. Super Princess Peach is rumble compatible!!!!

  7. I just wanted to inform everyone,

    My ‘anonymous word verifications’ have just been getting more and more hilarious.



    Just makes me wanna comment more and more.

  8. Do yourselves a favor and get Metroid Pinball! The game is worth it and you get the rumble pack to boot…

  9. For a mere $9 more you can pick up Prime Pinball from (unless they’ve changed the price). Seems like a reasonable deal to me.

  10. I thought we posted this a while back…

    Anyhoo, yes they are working on a DS Lite remix of the rumble pak. Any of you guys have a Lite, btw?

  11. i have a lite

  12. I, on the contrary, do not have a lite. Sir, I challenge you to a duel.

  13. A DS Lite, not a Lite Brite.

  14. “Do yourselves a favor and get Metroid Pinball! The game is worth it and you get the rumble pack to boot…”

    Yeah, what he sed.

    Almost all new Nintendo 1st Party Titles will include Rumble features.

    Metroid Pinball
    Mario & Luigi PiT
    Super Princess Peace

    New Mario Bros should and so should Metroid Prime Hinters.

    If they didnt plan on making almost every Nintendo title rumble compatable then they wouln’t focus on making on for the Lite.

    In fact I don’t think the rumble pack is a must have.

    Mario and Luigi is 10 times better with the rumble. I got Metroid Pinball right before I beat PiT and I decided to play it again just because the end of the game was that much more fun with rumble.

    oh and yall posted this back in December.

  15. ” According to an “insider” on the subscription-based boards at IGN, the Rumble Pak will be supported by the upcoming DS FPS Metroid Prime: Hunters. [UPDATE: The upcoming Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is also rumored to support the Pak. Thanks, Abhinav!]”

    Got this off of joystick.

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