Round Up of GDC News

While my fellow writer Holly covered the most important news coming from Nintendo at this years Games Developer Conference, here is a round up of the other pieces of information related to Nintendo:

  • Nintendo is looking to bring the Unity game engine Unity Unity to the Nintedo 3DS


  • Former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi has said he would like an opportunity to work on Metroid “Whether it’s possible or not comes down to the [IP] holder, which in this case would be Nintendo, and whether they want to work with me. But, if they did want to work with me, I would love the chance of doing that.”


  • The creator of the Animal Crossing Franchise Katsuya Eguchi announced Animal Crossing: New Leaf has sold an impressive 7.38 million copies also the development team had a 50/50 gender split.


  • Keiji Inafune showcased a new trailer for Mighty No.9.


So Nintendo still holds their cards close to their chest, hopefully the E3 event in June will have some exciting news, the Wii U needs it!

But what do you think of the news that came out of this years GDC?



Colin Crompton is an avid Nintendo fan since playing ocarina of time and Loves Nintendo handhelds since the GBA. He currently enjoys his 3DS XL. NNID Col1990