Ridiculous GCN Controller Shows Itself

Infendo readers of the world rejoice! Since my digital camera is kind of large and tends to flash unwantedly, I’ve always felt uncomfortable using it to take pictures of things inside small, smelly, scary, Japanese game stores and have instead been using my cellphone to take such photos. The catch: Sending your photos to your computer from your Japanese cellphone via e-mail costs a fortune. Enter the crazy Japanese software I bought that lets you transfer the photos for free! From today on you will be given a unique view into the insane Nintendo stuff you can get at game stores across the briny eastern country we call Japan.
To start you off here’s the first full keyboard/controller hybrid that ASCII manufactured for use ONLY with Phantasy Star Online for the Nintendo Game Cube (you can use the controller with other games but not the keyboard). Can you just imagine holding this thing while you play?