Revolution’s Last Stand?

AndPop has a new post on Nintendo and their upcoming Revolution launch. The author, having a chip on his shoulder, believes an online Smash Bros. for Revolution would be Nintendo’s savior. (What?) If console strategy were that simple, everyone would make it.

So if Revolution underperforms, do you think Nintendo will still make consoles?


  1. I think Nintendo will continue to make consoles no matter what happens during the next-gen.
    The Revolution is very different and if it fails, Nintendo will go back to the “old” kind of consoles.
    But they have enough money to survive and will not give up….
    Maybe they’ll team up with Sega if they fail 😉 hehe that’d be sooo cool 😀

  2. Ninty will never stop making consoles… if that happens, there wont be any reason for videogames to exist…

  3. I don’t see any reason for the big N to stop making consoles as long as they make a profit on each one (which they do – even more so than Sony Computer Entertainment in fact).

    Personally, Nintendo could repackage the exact hardware in the Dreamcast and build it in the Rev’s sleek casing and (a corresponding low price permitting) I’d still buy it.

    A solid article below on Nintendo’s business.

  4. Just heard about Resi Evil 5 being developed for 360 & PS3 but silence for Revolution.


    Perhaps nows a good time to run around like headless chickens?!?!?

  5. Nintendo has alwase brought great consoles to us!

    I WILL NOT STOP BELIEVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “Perhaps nows a good time to run around like headless chickens?!?!?”

    Resi Evil is not a system seller, sorry.

    Just because Resi Evil is on the other consoles does not mean Nintendo should not make consoles.

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