Revolution’s Full Unveiling

While Nintendo hinted at a full unveiling by year’s end at E3, a recent editorial has said “Nintendo should be conducting a proper unveiling of the [Revolution] in Japan before the year is out…”

Hopefully “proper” means releasing specs, an official name, game info, controller modules, the works. How ’bout this; release the info the day before the 360 goes on sale? It would be the follow up hook with what they did at the TGS by revealing the controller.

When do you think a full unveiling is likely? When you want it is another story.

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  1. I’m willing to wait as long as they want. I know that everyone wants it as soon as possible, but I’ve got MORE than enough games to play in the meantime and my Nintendogs need to bathed and fed.

  2. well, nitendo can’t do pretty much what they want since they already have most of the attention considering a new XBOX & a new Playstation are also coming, and yet they have showed us just a protype and the controller. Microsoft is about to release it, and the expectations are very low… PS3 everyone wants just the price, but nintendo got lots of info to give and to keep everyone guessing when we’ll know.

  3. I think it would be great if Nintendo unveiled the Rev the day before 360’s release and stole some of its thunder.

  4. I think that’s what Sony is planning to do by revealing their online network a week ahead of 360. I doubt Nintendo would try to get involved in that. I’m thinking they don’t want to play that game. My view is that they’re doing things at their own leisure, not concerned with the new Xbox. I seriously don’t think Nintendo will try to nab the spotlight from them. By the looks of it, Microsoft is killing it themselves. I know it’s probably gonna do well, but it’s less than a month away and the only advertising i see for it is in that Mountain Dew commercial. I thought it’d be in full swing by now. They prob think that MTV special did wonders. Hell, maybe it did.

  5. Nintnedo’s been amazingly adept at playing the media game this time around. They’ve also managed to steal most of the spotlight too. Anyway, I think it is a given that they’ll have some kind of “big” announcement to coincide with the 360 “launch”.

    I don’t really expect Sony’s “online” network to capture that much attention. They did a poor job of online play on the PS2, at least Nintendo can say they were never really behind online on the GameCube.

  6. Nintendo definitely seems to be playing a smarter game this time around. By revealing a full system at or near the time of the X360, and making enough noise to get it into mainstream media, they may even get parents thinking “Why am I buying this for my son/daughter? This new Nintendo thing seems much more different than what he/she already has.”

    Personally, I’m going to grab an X360 when the price goes down primarily to use as a Media Center for digital video. It’s the Rev and only the Rev that I’m truly excited about as a gamer. This coming from someone who got a GameCube a year after an XBOX and a PS2.

  7. If they do this, it’ll be online media and month-late mags praising the Rev. Whereas 360 will have stuff on tv that much more ppl will see. So i don’t think it’ll change anything. Don’t sleep on Sony either.

  8. I agree with a possible unveiling before the 360 to try and steal its thunder as well as a lot of magazines with an exclusive or two letting the world know about the revolution, if it’s name will stay that way (like the DS), the logo and maybe some more info. Specs may not be released I’m sure as Nintendo doesn’t like playing the spec card (even when its gamecube had more power than the PS2, it was the latter who flaunted its power).

    Here’s hoping they’ll surprise us all.

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