Third Party DS Stylus

PDA Panache, a company that makes PDA accessories, is selling a custom DS stylus on their website. The stylus fits into the DS, is built from brass for durability and lightness, and the tip is so soft that it almost never scratches the touch screen. For only 15 bucks you can have yourself a cool, safer stylus for your DS!

[by Rollin, Source: PDA Panache]


  1. Yeah I’ve always wanted one..these came out a longgggg time ago. Just barely after the DS was released. -drools-

  2. Yea i know i just wanted to let ppl know in case they wanted to change theirs. I know i like my Kirby stylus better than the stock one! I would buy one of these if it was in a store though.

  3. That’s an awsome stylus. It’s better than all the other crappy ones you get in stores that don’t even fit in the back!!! Does anyone know the PDA Panache Website?

  4. The link is at the top of the page!!!

  5. I’ve heard good things, though if I bought one I’d have to buy my girlfriend one…and 30 bucks for something I already have seems a bit steep. I could buy a game or two cds for that much. I don’t know, we’ll see.

  6. This is probably as always not available over here :-/
    I’d like to have one, though the stock one isn’t that bad imho….

  7. Actually it’s available online so u can get it anytime. But since i wrote this i’ve spoken to a couple ppl who have one and also have the Kirby one, and they think that Kirby’s is better. And it’s free! I can tell u myself that the Kirby one is way better than the stock stylus. It makes it feel like u have a brand new DS. I haven’t scratched it once since i got it and it’s great. Like a feather brushing across that screen. And i’ve also heard that the stock stylus is prone to scratching. I can testify to that, too. Damn thing almost ruined my touch screen. Kirby rules. He rolls around as smoothly as that stylus of his.

  8. The price is really insane for one stick, but then it might be worth it considering that it won’t make any scratches on my ds.

  9. Listen, if you can get the Kirby stylus (buy Canvas Curse and register it on then i highly suggest that over this. It’s a dream playing with Kirby’s stylus. You won’t ever again scratch ur screen again!

    I put it to the test with Hunters. It became so much easier since i didn’t have to worry about scratching it anymore. The the ultimate test: Meteos. I’m good at Meteos, but with the pink stylus, i was exponentially better. Take my advice, buy Kirby Canvas Curse, register it online and request the free stylus, wait a few weeks and lay off the stylus usage until then. You will wonder how you ever got by with the normal one. Plus, if u didn’t already have Kirby, then u get a great game, too!

    This stylus might actually need a review.

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