Revolution Risk?

Do you think the Revolution could be a liability for Nintendo? At first I thought as long as the company nails the controller gameplay they should be fine. While I think they’ll do this, even if they don’t, I think the company will still be sitting pretty due to the large sums of cash Ninny sits on. Cash is king, and Nintendo has lots of it.

Sure, another Virtual Boy would sting financial, regardless if you thought it was good or not. I just think Nintendo have too much going for them. And the whole idea of “will innovation lead to Nintendo’s downfall?” is just flawed. I’m not sure innovation has ever be failed a company unless you were not financially stable to support such creativity. But Nintendo is.

Call me ignorant, but from a business standpoint, I don’t think the new controller design is a major risk that could threaten the company’s livelihood. However good or bad the new controller plays.

[Source: Joystiq]