Revolution Risk?

Do you think the Revolution could be a liability for Nintendo? At first I thought as long as the company nails the controller gameplay they should be fine. While I think they’ll do this, even if they don’t, I think the company will still be sitting pretty due to the large sums of cash Ninny sits on. Cash is king, and Nintendo has lots of it.

Sure, another Virtual Boy would sting financial, regardless if you thought it was good or not. I just think Nintendo have too much going for them. And the whole idea of “will innovation lead to Nintendo’s downfall?” is just flawed. I’m not sure innovation has ever be failed a company unless you were not financially stable to support such creativity. But Nintendo is.

Call me ignorant, but from a business standpoint, I don’t think the new controller design is a major risk that could threaten the company’s livelihood. However good or bad the new controller plays.

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. Nintendo IS and has ALWAYS been about innovation. The D pad, control stick, rumble pak etc, all were Nintendo’s innovative ideas. now they are using motion sensors in a controller, I’m positive it will be a success. Even if it isn’t, with 7 billion dollars in reserves, Ninty are still in the game.

  2. First off, that article is bunk. It reads like a guy who was scorned by Nintendo in the past and is still bitter enough today to write a column about it.

    Second, that’s a good point above… no one ever got burned for innovating — so long as they had a good product, a sound following and of course the money to support it.

    What you’re seeing here is an indutry that has become very lazy and comfortable with the way things are.

    I can tell you from viewing the “screenshots” of 360 and PS3 that what’s coming down the pipeline is really just more of the same with beter graphics. Sure, they have the budget and look of a Hollywood blockbuster, but how did that help Stealth this summer? I also put the word screenshot in quotes because literally everything you have seen to date is a FMV cutscene or some 5 second gameplay demo that was put together on a PC.

    I just don’t think people are going to have the money to afford these things, and when they finally do save up, they’re going to be playing Need for SPeed 6 or “GTA3:Return to a place you’ve been before.” Now, in all fairness Nintendo has been very secretive about their own pricing strategy, but I think that’s more about not giving the competition a opportunity to price cut.

    If you are at all worried about Nintendo Revolution, it’s really not worth the effort. At this point nothing exists! No games, no prices, no accessories! All these people that are bashing it right now are either highly ignorant or very scared of change. It’s a classic case of someone who has already preordered their 360 but doesn’t have the balls to admit that this has somehow caught their eye, and that they are having second thoughts. It’s ok though, I doubt Nintendo wants that kind of gamer anyway; all flash and explosions with little brainpower.

  3. I agree with JB as always 😉
    BTW why is no one asking if MS and Sony risk a lot by not changing anything really ?

  4. The lost any credibility when he said this the NEW INNOVATIVE NINTENDO! This isn’t their first attempt at videogame innovation, particularly regarding controllers.

    Nintendo has always been innovating, he needs to check the history

  5. Blake,
    please note “irregardless” is not a word, i think what you mean is regardless.

  6. Anon,
    Thanks for the correction. It can be used in casual writing though and is strictly american slang.

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