Revolution Pictures

Over at the Gaming Age Forums, user “avalon” has dug up a Nintendo booklet that shows several interesting Revolution pictures. Among these are pictures of the evolution of the Revmote as well as our first look at the backside of the console. It seems to be a promotional booklet to hire staff for the coming year. More pics here.

New info is good and all, but new pictures? Yum.

[Via BGB]


  1. That CD is so Apple like(circa iLife 05). Looks like

    Anywho, is the back of the lil Rev is interesting…Very simplistic like another very little system(Mac mini).

    Oh and when can I get this book on eBay???????

  2. *Looks like Iwata is enjoying his iPod, is what I was going to say up there. lol

  3. Isn’t Reggie’s speech a few hours away? Mere coincidence? I think not!

    And look at this pic:

    All these Apple comparisons make you wonder….

    I know one thing for certain, if Reggie says the magic phase relating to merge or partnership I will definitely have a messy orgasum. *blushes at his fanboyishness for both companies*

  4. Is looking like a mac so bad. It’s the style in Japan. I would like this book and cd very much. Someone needs to scan an send out a pdf version.

  5. I saw this on….


    I cannot wait

  6. The pics of all those empty Revolution cases makes me hopeful that production will get underway soon (if it isn’t already) and that we’ll be able to buy one before this autumn.

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