Revolution? Just say When…

I might ruffle some feathers, but I don’t think we’ll see the Revolution until November 2006. I know the unconfirmed revo ad says otherwise, and we’d all like to play it right away but I just don’t think it’s possible given the fact that the Revolution has no working games (at least with the controller anyways).

This doesn’t necessarily bother me though. I’m still satisfied with the current gaming experience, thanks mostly in part to the DS. Electroplankton is just around the corner along with Mario Kart a la free wireless multi-player, and Animal Crossing DS. And before you know it, Zelda Twilight Princess will drop some time next spring. I could be wrong though, so here’s hoping that I am.

Wants aside, when will the Revolution most likely launch?


  1. November sounds about right. There are still many games for the GC that I hav’nt played that look godd, so I shouldn’t have a problem holding out.

  2. It will launch around the same time as the PS3 (within a few weeks)

  3. I think the market conditions are pretty ripe for an earlier that anticipated launch.

    There was an article today that said the Tokyo Show was supposed to be this huge press event for MS… and all the headlines since then have been nothing but Nintendo. Japan is already anti-XBox, so this was insult to injury.

    Next point as to why it would be good to launch mid 2006: PS3’s $500 asking price and a distinct “same games with better graphics” approach developers are taking with the system.

    Launch early and at 250 to 300 dollars. Capitalize on vanilla launch titles from 360 with the ‘revolutionary’ Mario and 1rst party titles. Hit the ‘low price compared to other systems’ talking point over the head until you turn blue. Then, when PS3 hits at half a grand (with how many games? Zero? Oh, and one controller? That looks like a boomerang?) you are in a perfect position.

    You are immediately cast as the cheaper alternative, thereby scoring parents (as does that Nintendo brand name), and you have proven that you can get better games than Xbox because everyone has seen what MS has tooffer since last November.

    The timing, as they say, couldn’t be more perfect. Mid 2006 or bust.

  4. Agreed. Mid-2006 at latest for a good launch impact.

    Nintendo has some problems they need to get sorted to be sucessful with the Rev:

    1. The controller is going to take some real good marketing for people to ‘get’ the concept and just how cool gaming with it will be.
    2. The system from what Nintendo and ATI have stated, but not 100% for sure, will be less powerful than the 360 / PS3
    3. Nintendo has a scuffed image as far as home consoles go this current generation, many people will be counting them out.

    If Nintendo meet Sony with a spring-summer 06 launch, at least they’ll be on somewhat stable ground. Rev may be underpowered, but it will be a cheaper system, and have some great unique selling features such as Ninty WiFi, the classic games store and of course the controller.

    XBox fanboys will be purchasing 360 right away.. and I bet XBox will make some solid ground in holiday 05, but I think the majority of people are waiting for the PS3 launch to decide which system to buy.. if Nintendo is way behind the PS3, they can count on losing alot of sales.


  5. Spring 2006 to challenge the PS3, Nintendo won’t let that call go unanswered.

    That’s their goal at this point, so hoping for that 🙂

  6. If it is Spring 2006 it will be late spring, as in June. You have to remember that Zelda will be coming spring of 2006, so that will need room to be sold properly before something new cuts in. Not to mention it has already been said that playable games most likely won’t be shown until E3.

    I imagine most like though a lunch in August or September. That allows only a couple of months at worst behind the PS3 if Sony can somehow squeeze it out in the Spring. Plus it gives a couple of months of hype before the all important Christmas season, and that time to stock up on product to have enough to supply the demand for the holiday.

  7. The Zelda point got the conspiracy theory portion of my brain spinning yet again.

    It’s because of something that the designer/creator of Zelda had said in the past few weeks concerning the new Zelda, due out for GC. He said something along the lines of it will be a departure from what all the Zeldas have been in the past. SO, where’s the conspiracy?

    It’s in the delay, and the “different from all others” part of the announcement. Nintendo is delaying this Link, which has been marketed as a GC game, BECAUSE of Revolution. Take a look at IGN lately, they’re running with news that there will be an adapter immediately available for Revo that will turn the remote into a GC/backwards compatible controller, that RETAINS the motion sensing technology of the base Revo controller.

    So, while the delay is bad for GC, it’s great for Revolution, which will take this GC game and add in the functionality of the Revolution. Link will certainly be different, and we’re not just talking graphics — we’re talking all those 3D/virtual reality hack and slashes we saw in that teaser movie showing old people chopping and stabbing.

    Right now I see the new Link as a hybrid, much in the way some cars today run on gas and electric; it will be GC in the control, but you will be able to add in the new controller seamlessly.


  8. Remember Zelda *may* be out in Spring on Gamecube.

    There has been no official word on the release at all, except that it will not be before the end of Quarter 1 2006.

    There is also no definite word on wether it will be a Gamecube game or moved to Revolution, all we’ve heard from official sources is that so far it has been announced as a GC game. We have not been told “no it will not be a Revolution game” or “Yes it is 100% staying on GameCube.

    Regardless, I do not think Nintendo should delay a console release for one game, unless its so that both are launched the same time.

    Remember, once the 360 launches in November, the Next Gen will be current generation, and all systems currently being sold will be Last Generation.. I’d hope Nintendo is far sited enough to know the importance of getting to market and into peoples mindsets ASAP.

    If Zelda does indeed come out on GameCube, expect it to be heavily marketed as a Revolution compatible game.

  9. Actually on IGN there’s an interview with Perrin Kaplan – I’ll find the link if you want it – and an IGN guy sort of explained to her that such rumors were going around – I remember him asking “So is it for Revolution? Is that why’s there’s a delay?”

    And Kaplan paused and then said “No, it is planned for Gamecube.”

    So the pause is a bit strange but I read in an official interview that it is still planned for Gamecube. However, two posts above mine is a great strategy and Nintendo is known for changing things, so it’s definitely always a possibility!

  10. Revolution DOES play Gamecube games. I could see TP and Revolution launching simultaneously, which would undoubtedly boost sales of both. I also think that the Hybrid idea would be very, very cool. Perhaps the last generation of Gamecube games will have the option of enhanced content/control with the Revolution. Nintendo has done this in the past, for example the rumble feature in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga that (obviously) only works when you are playing on the Game Boy Player. So hopefully we will get a taste of true next-gen Zelda when TP comes out. Miyamoto said “This will be, without a doubt, the last Zelda game as you know it in its present form.”

  11. I agree with the last ano and JB…
    They could launch it together and have a Zelda as launch title for the Rev.
    It will not feature Next-Gen graphics, but might use the new controller to some extent…
    Nintendo never mentioned if the GC games would get any enhancements when they’re played on the Rev (anti-aliasing, anisotropic-filtering ?).
    Or: You buy TP and there’s some kind of code that you can use to download a TP: Revolution pack using the Revs Wi-Fi Connection. So you get high-res textures etc. when you’re playing on the Rev….(though High-Res would take too much space, as the Rev uses Sd-cards :-/)
    Well….we’ll see…..
    I just think they should launch the Rev at the latest at a new Spaceworld or during the TGS….

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