Infendo Radio #171 Live Podcast Available Now!



Infendo Radio’s second Live broadcast is now available in Podcast format – Episode 171 is on NOW!  The podcast crew chats up a boatload of Zelda rumors, new games, games localization, and more!

Envious of all the other Infendo listners and readers mentioned in today’s show? You can be just like them – it’s easy!  Simply email, call the Infendo Radio Hotline at (434) 535-BIGN, hit us up on Twitter, or hop in the Ustream Chat during the next live recording! Infendo Radio LIVE is scheduled to record on Ustream every Wednesday night, but watch the Infendo front page, or follow us on Twitter for updates and changes!


  1. None of you guys know what Gottlieb was? Man, how young are you guys? Have you ever seen a real, working pinball machine in the wild?

    Have you never played Q-bert? #@!?*!!

  2. Who ever edits and produces the final MP3 should listen to it before finalizing. Several times the intro music has been WAY too loud over the speech. You need to fade it out (usually like to 10%-20% of it’s volume) behind vocals… otherwise it’s horribly over powering. It’s overall a minor thing, but it’s the first thing that happens at the beginning of the show, and bugs me o_O

    If the bumps and effects are done live, they should me manually adjusted as they play. Again, volume needs to be balanced. I do do nearly everything in post, so I can check the audio levels more accurately.

    I’ve been making and editing podcasts for over 2 years, with over 100 episodes mastered.

  3. Fes:

    We’re aware of the intro audio problems, but due to various factors, we have opted for all-live editing, and at the moment are there are a few glitches yet to be worked out. Part of this is a result of the equipment/programs we are using, and alternative methods of recording, broadcasting, and sound management are currently being explored. Please bear with these minor glitches during this transitional period.

    Also, thanks for tooting your own horn.

  4. j/k btw, you’re great. It just occurred to me that last line probably comes off less light hearted than intended. Seriously though. Do segments again for us. Those were awesome.