Revolution is tiny


  1. But it COULD be as powerfull. Yea it is TINY!

  2. Holy crap. I didn’t realize how much smaller it was in comparison to the other two systems… I mean, they said it was only 3 DVD cases in size…but…wow. Just wow.

  3. The diffrence is it dosent do HD. if it did it would need to be a lot bigger. But I am not complaining.

  4. I’m glad it’s not a behemoth like the 360 and PS3. It’s so freakin’ sexy I practically want to buy two in different colors — one for my entertainment center and one to cuddle with at night.

  5. It’s gonna get even smaller since it’s not the final prototype, but holy crap it’s SMALL!!!it’s about the size of my hand, i have a big hand btw =D

  6. like they always say, “size doesnt matter [for consoles]”


  7. Hmm, I’m pretty sure the PS3 is taller than in the pic. Comparing actual dimensions, the PS3 is even taller than the original Xbox, there is no way it’s any smaller than the 360.

  8. Geez, the David and Goliath comparisons run rampant…

  9. Wow, that *is* small! I’d never seen it like that before, but I guess that’s the case. The Xbox is just over 12″ the long way, and a DVD case is just under 6″, so that looks about right. I have no idea about the PS3.

    Also, this should put to rest the people saying the Revolution is going to be as powerful as the 360 or PS3. I’m a Nintendo fan as much as everyone else here, but Microsoft didn’t make the Xbox 360 that huge just for kicks.

  10. So was the GameCube – look how that turned out.

  11. Good things come in small packages!

    Touching is good….
    … So is tossing and turning.

    prepare for the Big N

  12. FALSE? Um, so why not put the 360 and PS3 on their sides too?

  13. Even though the Revo is small, I still need to get new shelves for my consoles and games! 4 shelves won’t be enough for the GCN, Dreamcast, PS2, the Revo and a PS3 PLUS all my games!!

    If I had an Xbox, I would need a whole new entertainment unit!


  14. MuffinGal: Well, you can at least ditch the GCN and PS2 if both systems are as backwards compatible as they are telling us.

  15. 360 looks like a concave computer, ps3 looks like a printer (from the 80s), and the revolution looks… sexy

    nice job nintendo!

  16. Just a side note…

    I’m sitting at my “home office” desk today, and I started to look around after seeing this image a second time and something hit me.

    Desktop. The revolution could go on my desk, plug into a nice monitor, and it’s in a new “zone” than if it were in a family living room.

    I know Nintendo has marketed this as a “family” system that all can play, but I’ve never thought of putting my Xbox or PS2 or Gamecube on a desktop before.

    I don’t know, for some reason this seemed really fun to me, possibly due to my Internet addiciton (read: NOT mmorpgs, which i hate).

  17. That side-by-side comparison photo is ridiculous since it is obviously not to scale. The Xbox 360 and PS3 are close when you look at their actual dimensions. Vertically, the Xbox 360 is 12.15″(H) x 3.27″(W) x 10.15″(D) and the PS3 is currently spec’d at 12.50″(H) x 3.1″(W) x 9.4″(D). The Revolution is definitely going to be a lot smaller so no argument there.

  18. Sexy size. That’s what made the GameCube lovely.

    Unlike GameCube, I’ll have to be EXTRA careful traveling with a Revolution. I may actually HAVE to buy a carrying case for it.

    But I do expect it to be at such a wonderful size.

  19. ok anonymous i believe thoes are pics from a metroid prime commerical… stop trying to make it seem like you know something

  20. the original xbox is a giant machine even for Atari/Commodore times. Now look at the Gamecube, tiny even looking good enough to fit in a car. Didn’t they were as powerful as each other? Nintendo is a Japanese company. Japanese are good at optimizing and reducing power & size. I remember during the xbox launch everywhere on the net said it was big because America was the greatest country so it was fit for americans. but they found out most people don’t have giant american hands and release a controller for smaller third world humans. Even that one seems pretty big compared to the gamecube’s and the dual shock.

  21. hey, vakerorokero – I resent you anti American sentiment. If you have a problem with Microsoft, leave it there. Don’t bring actual peoples under your attack. It’s people like you, who stereotype Americans, that make it that much harder to be viewed as people of the world than soley as Americans. Anyhow, Nintendo wasn’t as “powerful” as the Xbox in raw numbers, but it’s optimization made it come pretty close in performance.

  22. Yeah, but the Revo’s power brick is the is the size of a Yugo.

  23. WOW! That is small, but good thing, if it were huge I dont know what I would do. I would have to rearrange everything! And like klipheezy said “size doesn’t matter” The Revolution will be excelent!

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