Revolution for $99?

A lot of forums have been hinting at a $99 Revo price tag, including some game sites. Before you get all giddy it should be known that Nintendo has never launched a new home console that cheap and they would be missing out on some nice profits if they did that. Just think about their Micro pricing strategy and how they’re more than likely gonna drop it’s MSRP by Christmas.

Fact or Fiction? While I’d be ecstatic with a tag that small, I’m gonna go with fiction royal on this one. Your guess is as good as mine though.

[Source: TVG]


  1. NO, completely ABSURD

  2. I totally agree, I REALLY DAMN HOPE IT’S TRUE though. Never the less it’s totally impossable.

  3. Yeah highly improbable….
    Now if we had an infinite improbability drive, we could change the patterns of time and space and Nintendo would release it for 100 bucks…but I would be surprised if it is as low as 150…

  4. I do not see it going under $199 even after a year’s time. If it were released at 99, the public would perceive it as inferior to the more expensive machines. They think the price tells the value and u can look at the current gen to see this is true.

  5. I’m pegging it at $199. Still at least $100 cheaper than the competition, but still possible to manufacture at cost/small profit (Nintendo has stated that they do not do losses on hardware the way the others do)

  6. Yeah, $99 seems way too low. I wouldn’t even want it to be that low, actually, since Nintendo would either be selling a rather weak system, or be taking huge losses on each one, neither of which I like. I’m betting $199 – $249.

  7. That’s right. It’s either $199 or $249. Although i could see a value pack type of deal for $300 now that MS chose to price the real 360 package at $400. I hope they do it, and in limited quantities. No 50/50 BS.

  8. I can understand why this rumor pop up. Nintendo is going after non-gamers. You see that in the DS and the GB Micro, both which are between 100 and 150 dollars(With the Micro rumor to get a price drop in November).

    And reading many of the Nintendo interviews that the price will have to be at a price to get those “non-gamers” to be able to say “It’s not that expensive, I’ll take one”.

    So yeah, 99 dollars sounds crazy to us, but it might not be that far off. I’ll say it’s around the price of the Nano, a Non-gamer device, that if you look at the Revolution and the Nano together, has alot of style in common.

  9. How much is a Nano, $149?

    Expect $200.

  10. I’d like to see it go for 250, but bundled with a game of some sort. not smash Brothers’s or mario 128, something that’ll appeal to non-gamers and core gamers as well. I think that will attract the non-gamers because they won’t have to choose their first software title when they know little to nothing about the different game genres. It would be nice to see a game included that is simple,fun, multiplayer and takes advantage of the unique functionality of the Comptroller

  11. If the micro is SUPPOSED to be better than th SP than how come it sold for a little more than half the price? The Revo will probably be $100, but you have to put it together yourself!

  12. Almost impossible! That would make the Revolution around £60-70 and that would make it cheaper than a GameCube! 0_o

    Mind you I sure wish it was true!

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