Revolution Does Unreal Engine 3 [Update]

In a job posting, Midway revealed that they were looking for a designer for an FPS using the Unreal Engine 3, headed to next-gen platforms. Surprisingly, Revolution was mentioned and included with the other systems as a recipient of the game.

If you remember, back in the fall, VP of Epic Games Mark Rein said ( that most Western developers like his didn’t know whether Revolution could handle games using the super powerful Unreal Engine 3. This news confirms that it can. Although the Unreal Engine middleware is designed to be scalable, therefore not guaranteeing that the Revolution version will look as good as the others, this at least tells us that we can count on some multiplatform games hitting the Revolution as well as PS3 and 360.

Now he knows.

[Update: Midway has removed the Revolution mention from their job listing, leaving only PS3 and Xbox 360. The saga continues…(Image from GoNintendo)]

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. .. so we have gone from

    “OMFG The R3v0 is so weak, j00 and j00 cr4ppy c0ns013 c4nt run UE3 engine”

    then it turns out it CAN run the UE3 engine

    and now its

    “Ummm… the engine is SCALABLE! Thats right”

    Seriously, people say nintendo are bad? Joystiq had to make a comment didnt they >.< Note: I seem to recall the Epic guy saying all he wanted to know was if Revo could run the engine didnt he?

  2. edit last post: ‘people say nintendo fans are bad’

    I didnt add ‘fans’

  3. Thank You first comment guy person. Nintendo DID spend about the same ammount as Microsoft did developing its chips, so why wouldn’t they be at least just under all the other systems. I believe Iwata when he said on a regular TV they will all look the same. Hazaa for the revolution!


    This is great news for getting 3rd parties to port their games over to the Revo.

    If it can pull off the Unreal Engine 3, then the Revo can do normal mapping (a key component of that engine).

  5. My bet is that no one is allowed to show anything at all before Nintendo does. Nintendo have said before that screenshots and technical buzzwords dont mean anything till you see the uniqueness of the Revolution. So will see it uniqueness and then some games. By the way, Nintendo already said that the revo will be on par

  6. Yeah man, Revolution will rock.

    Unlike the PSPiece of shit.

  7. Hmm, you might want to delete that last comment… or at least the URL.

  8. Ok I’m somewhat confused…Does this mean,

    1:The game will no longer be on Revo?

    2:Nintendo wants it to remain a secret? Or

    3:The positions have been filled?

    Could some one clear this up for me?

  9. That means they hired someone..i think

  10. Great. Just what I need, a little gay porno to go along with my videogame news. Y’know, I liked my lunch, and I’d really like to keep it.

  11. One step closer to stoping anonymous posts…gay porn links. I hate you.

  12. this in my eyes cane mean 3 things…

    1) the revolution turned out to be not perful enough to handle unreal engine 3 and they jumped the gun.

    2) the spot for level designer has already been filled.

    3) the game will simply not be coming out for revolution yet the revolution is indeed strong enough to handle it.

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