Revolution Does Unreal Engine 3 [Update]

In a job posting, Midway revealed that they were looking for a designer for an FPS using the Unreal Engine 3, headed to next-gen platforms. Surprisingly, Revolution was mentioned and included with the other systems as a recipient of the game.

If you remember, back in the fall, VP of Epic Games Mark Rein said ( that most Western developers like his didn’t know whether Revolution could handle games using the super powerful Unreal Engine 3. This news confirms that it can. Although the Unreal Engine middleware is designed to be scalable, therefore not guaranteeing that the Revolution version will look as good as the others, this at least tells us that we can count on some multiplatform games hitting the Revolution as well as PS3 and 360.

Now he knows.

[Update: Midway has removed the Revolution mention from their job listing, leaving only PS3 and Xbox 360. The saga continues…(Image from GoNintendo)]

[Source: Joystiq]