Pause Menu: The New 3DS and Nintendo’s strange sense of timing

The recent  reveal of the New 3DS was an odd one indeed. In fact, cast your minds back to when the Circle Pad Pro was first shown and Nintendo insisted that there would not be a revision of the 3DS that would include a second circle pad, as they claimed it would fracture the market. Fast forward a few years and a hardware revision is announced that pretty much looks a 3DS with a Circle Pad Pro built into it. Confusing messaging? You bet.

Of course, revisions are not necessarily a bad idea, as their primary function is to extend the lifecycle of the console/handheld (although in the case of GBA, the GBA SP was absolutely necessary). But this is why the timing of the announcement is so bizarre; the 3DS is currently doing really well, and I’m not sure the New 3DS is completely needed right now, although I’m pretty sure adding the Amiibo function was the main reason for this iteration of 3DS hardware.

Well, I guess it saves buying an Amiibo reader.


Despite the odd timing of the announcement, I am excited to be able to play Xenoblade Chronicles on a handheld (assuming it gets localised and without the drama of Operation Rainfall), but I’m just not sure why a new system is needed, as enhanced Wii ports already run perfectly on 3DS (MH3U). Also, how many exclusive games are there going to be? The DSi had a grand total of four exclusive games. Four! There were also several DSi enhanced games that could still be played on previous versions of the DS.

What else will be exclusive for the system?


As you probably gathered, I have mixed feelings concerning the New 3DS (also, that is a pretty bad name), but I would like to hear your thoughts on the new system. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. AW says:

    The fractured market thing isn’t confusing. It’s exactly what they said it was – as the games were not designed for it, if they started coming up with games that were built around it – well, that would have fractured the market, at time that was very crucial for the 3DS. Now that they are intentionally fracturing the market (this at the high end, with exclusive games, with 2DS at the opposite end) it made sense to add one since they are splitting it up anyway now when the console is in the position to support it (the install base is much larger now).

    There are quite a few other bumps up in its specs, as well. That said, I barely play my 3DS XL, and even though normally I’d buy a new iteration I like my XL, and it would have to be some really rock’em sock’em exclusive for me to feel the need to upgrade.

  2. RisnDevil says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these things launching at the same price points as the non-new models? This leads me to believe that they will be phasing out the original models, limiting market fracturing. Also, there is NO market fracturing from the 2DS: there has been NO game that is unplayable without 3D, therefor there is no fracturing.

    Also, one game custom (re)built from the Wii to 3DS doesn’t mean the 3DS can really play Wii ports. Firstly, I believe all of you complained about the visuals of MH3U for 3DS two podcasts ago. Secondly, Xenoblade Chronicles clearly pushes the system more, as even with the enhanced power there was some noticeable slowdown.

    All that having been said, I am super excites! As I’ve previously stated, I’m a collector so pretty much always enjoy new hardware. Secondly, I too am really hoping for a Xenoblade Chronicles stateside release as I have the original in my back log and haven’t had the time to give it more than about five hours (and I’ve REALLY been wanting to, since I want to finish it BEFORE Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out). Having it portably will really help me power through that game! Also, I can’t wait to see what other Wii games could be ported.

    Also, I think that Amiibo integration is one of the biggest reasons for the update. Nintendo has already made it clear that they didn’t plan on heavily supporting the CPP (or at least a second analog stick), but if you’re going to be update the system anyway, why not include it? I will say that I am torn, though. I LOVE the 3D effect on nearly every game (especially the big, epic, games I normally play, like MH3U and hopefully Xenoblade Chronicles), but I currently own a 2DS, and the form factor/size/fit of that device is nearly perfect, and I think it will be an even more comfortable implementation/use of the c-stick. So, if they do also redesign that device, do I drop the 3D for a more comfortable gameplay experience? I DON’T KNOW?!?!?

  3. Lord Lemmy says:

    I think Risn might be right about phasing out the original models of the 3DS.

    Plus, I think I have a real answer to the timing of this upgrade.
    Not many people seem to know or just simply forgot, that Nintendo was sued over the 3D tech used in the 3DS. AND LOST. I can’t remember the actual outcome, but I’m pretty sure Nintendo had to give a specific percentage of the money made from ALL 3DSes sold to whatever company it was that won the lawsuit. So every 3DS sold is making less than what it should be for Nintendo.

    Thus why the NEW 3DS has a NEW 3D technology. But the 3D gimmick doesn’t sell the 3DS alone, so, doing the massive upgrade in everything else, CPU upgrade, additional buttons, longer battery life, etc, is their way of ensuring it’ll sell better.

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