Revolution Controller Impressions

by FireEmblem54

For months, we waited. Sat, and waited. None of us had any clue what to expect. Imaginations ran wild. When [Thursday] night rolled around, hype was at its highest point. Then, it happened. The first images were published, and all at once, the entire gaming world lost its voice.

Now, we sit speechless. No words can describe what we’ve just seen. This is the device that will change the channel, I mean gaming, forever. Gamers rechecked to make sure they weren’t on

Here we sit once more, this Revolution finally sinking in. This device, like it or not, is the most innovative things to happen to gaming ever. The possibilities are endless. Now that I’ve had a while to come up with the right words, I’d like to share a few thoughts with y’all.
First off, I’m still wowed with the concept. The design is interesting. The potential though, is huge. A vertical controller is new to most of us, and the button layout seems as if it’ll take some getting used to. The whole, two piece idea is something many had considered, and I think it’ll work great.

I was fairly impressed after reading about the demos shown. The whole “laser pointer” idea is neat. Though the graphics of the Rev weren’t shown, we can only imagine. The possibility of swinging the controller as a baseball bat or a sword is incredible. Now take that one step further, ONLINE. Imagine dueling people across the ocean, from the comfort of your own living room. That’d make Halo 2 look like Pong.

Third party support has me iffy. It’ll be difficult to make games for the Revolution, more so than the other systems, but it’ll take gaming to a whole new level. I dearly miss Lucasarts on the GCN, but the idea of controlling a light saber by swinging the controller, is one I hope the folks at LA share, and hope they’ll consider putting that to use. If I had to some up my thoughts in a few sentences, it’s this:

This controller is an amazing idea that if pulled off correctly, will change the industry as we know it. Obviously, the system itself must be something special as well, but the Big N is clearly on the right track. Now, we can just sit once more, a little more comfortably than Mr. Gates and Mr. Kutaragi can, as we wait for the Revolution to begin in full.


  1. Drop the second paragraph, and you’ve got yourself an awesome article.

  2. 3rd party support really has always been a numbers thing. If enough units sell, then 3rd part support will follow.

    Honestly, ported games don’t really matter. It’s hard to imagine ported games really appealling to the Revo’s audience. Maybe some EA sport games.

  3. Ano-

    I HAD to throw something in there to show I’m not a complete and total fanboy. I’m willing to laugh at Nintendo . Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against the TV Remote look, I actually like it very much. It’s far better looking than the PS3 controller.

    Just wanted to get the point in there, that sometimes even if it doesn’t look amazing and revolutionary, it can be.

    As far as 3rd party support, while that’s usually the case, I think it may be a bit different as this is a whole new type of gaming. A few 3rd parties are going to have to step up to the plate early, to try to attract the others.

  4. That wasn’t my problem. I actually agree with you on that. I mean no offense by this, but that just wasn’t… Y’know, funny.

  5. 😀

    None taken. I actually know a few people who got a kick out of that line elsewhere 😛

    It was something thrown together in all of 10 mins, didn’t bother to edit and revise it 😉

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