Revolution Controller Charger

IGN has posted a concept of what it thinks a Revolution controller charging cradle could look like. The real story here is that we keep seeing Revolution concepts. It seems like Nintendo’s next console is not only generating excitement but also flaming people’s imaginations.

Personally, I like to imagine more exciting things than a charging cradle, but the mock-up is nicely done.

[Source: IGN GameCube]


  1. ign also has gun concepts and other concepts on their gamecube page

  2. They’re just bored over there if this is what their imagining. I guess it’s to tide fans over for awhile, give em something to talk about.

  3. Judging from the size of the SP and DS power “bricks”, the design is sorta dumb. I’m sure Nintendo would use the same slimline design. Maybe in white though 🙂

    Also, for the 4 charge unit, I would imagine it being 4 slots long, not square, so you could slide it beside the Revolution. It’d be alot sleaker. Or have them link together, so if you have 2 controllers, you would link 2 of them, one infront of the other, and only need one power brick. Meh, I’m bored, I’ll stop talkinng now.

  4. 4 unit .. you mean like this idea?

  5. Ya, that is what I was refering too, except It would be better long and norrow, holding 4 in a row.

  6. If they were to offer rechargable batteries either seperatley or as the default, then this seems like a naturally step-up for recharging. I’d imagine some cord to console as standard and these you could buy instead of using those.

  7. Seems a bit clunky. It bet it the base would be half that thickness and much narrower.

    And the AC brick would be a lot smaller.

  8. Nintendo is not Apple
    no dock and no AC adapter in ipod style please 😉

  9. I think this concept would be an *optional* purchase (like the iPod dock).

    You want it to charge through the Gamecube ports on the Revo? I think that would look terrible.

  10. WHY does IGN keep doing these mockups?
    I bet they are real…IGN still knows more than we do….

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