Review: Mario Superstar Baseball

[Reviewed by Chris]

All too often does one hear complaints about our favorite red hatted plumber being overused. However, those who call Mario out before playing Mario Superstar Baseball are the ones truly striking out.

Mario’s first time on the diamond is easily on of the best in the Mario sports series. The game stars nearly all the big names from the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Bowser and such as well as some beloved secondary characters, ranging from Dry Bones to Monty Mole. The large cast is a huge plus for the game, as mixing and matching allows for countless different teams.

Exhibition allows the gamer to pick a team captain, fill the roster, arrange the batting order and positions, pick a stadium, and play ball! The stadiums aren’t your typical Fenway Park either. Most of them are filled with different obstacles that interfere with the fielders and the ball, including Klap Traps, lava pits and giant boulders. Toy Field mode puts an interesting, yet fun twist on the game, as characters rotate from the field to pitching in an attempt to earn coins. The main mode being Challenge Mode, has the player traveling the land completing baseball themed missions and assembling a team. Entertaining mini games are a nice getaway from standard baseball.

Those looking for a realistic baseball sim will be disappointed, as the game has a more arcade/pick up and play feel to it. But, like many arcade games, the replay value here is high. The pure amount of options allows for hours upon hours of gameplay. Baseball fans are sure to love this one, while those less into the sport may want to rent the game first. When it comes right down to it, fan or not, Mario and the gang have a home run on their hands!