Rumored $100 Micro

Is the rumored $100 GameBoy Micro price too much? We’re thinking it’s a wee bit high ’cause for $30 bucks more you could score a DS. Plus we just love our SP’s so we’re probably not the market they’re going for.

[Source: Popular Science]


  1. A price like that would be a biiiiiig mistake.

    It’s a perfect gateway product. If you’re unsure about handheld gaming, you go buy a Micro for 50 bucks and see what you think.

    I doubt Nintendo would price it that high. If they do, I’d love to know their thinking behind it.

  2. Waaay too much. Nintendo, iPod mini sells for LESS than the regular iPod (despite costing more to produce, at least when it was first announced). From what we’ve all been hearing, the Micro is the cheapest GBA to produce, why not actually sell it at a price where people who don’t want a GBA may actually consider one…

  3. If Nintendo still insist’s on biting their own tail, go for it, but 100? That’s not going to fly, the post was right when they pointed out that that’s only 30 dollars shy of a DS. I still can’t quiet figure out why we have another new model for the GBA. If the Micro had unique features, other than it’s size and awsome screen, I think there would be more of a market, but I really feel anyone who was going to hop on the GBA bandwagon, either already has one of the other two models, or is looking at the DS and it’s superior graphics and wi-fi capabilities. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ninny, and I love my GBA and my DS, but I just don’t understand making another model. I might look at the MIcro simply to play my old-school gameboy Colors games on a nice new screen. And to send a little more money Nintendo’s way.

  4. I hope that this price is the price of a GBM-PlayYan bundle…..
    100$/€ for the GBM is way too much….
    I want a GBM, but I don’t have any GBA games besides Minish Cap….
    And all of my money is already planned for future DS titles…..
    If it comes bundled with the PlayYan a definite must-buy….if not…not…

  5. The Micro should NOT be more than $50. If Nintendo prices it higher than that, no one will buy it. With the GBA, GBA SP and DS available to play GBA games on as well, why would someone spend $100 on the Micro? It needs to be treated as a flashy-looking gateway to portable gaming, not an expensive alternative.

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