Review: Groove Heaven 3DS


Before its launch yesterday, I had the opportunity to demo Groove Heaven from Teyon.  You play as Rhymi, a a little demon girl, that has the task of delivering a love letter from the devil to a beautiful angel that he has become smitten for.

Each level represents a floor of the tower.  On each floor, you must make your way to the exit, all while collecting items such as roses and music notes and avoiding obstacles such as disappearing floors and jumping frogs.  You have two basic controls on the touch screen, move and turn.  Since this is a rhythm game, you have to tap the correct option timed with the beat in order to move forward or turn around.

Overall, I enjoyed the game.  I made it to level five on my first try, and only stopped because I had to be at my daughter’s dance performance.  The touch controls on the bottom screen were a little clunky, it would have been a lot easier to use the physical buttons.  However, you get used to it after a little practice.  The music was pretty, but I would have liked to have a different song per level to mix things up a bit.  The transition form one level to another was not very flashy, I would have liked to see a short cut scene.

Overall, I would give the game four stars.  It is a catchy little game, and well worth the $3.99 US (3.99 Euros).  If you are a fan of rhythm games, give it a shot!



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