Japanese DS Sales Continue to Soar

Japan Hardware Sales 12/5-12/11
DS – 299,328
PSP – 86,403
PS2 – 45,893
Xbox 360 – 43,970
GCN – 12,212
GBA SP – 10,456
GBM – 8,326
GBA- 396
Xbox – 164

Quite honestly, I think these numbers speak for themselves. Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World propelled the DS into a league of its own, as the PSP fell further behind in the handheld race.

Also worth taking note of, is the GBM. It dropped behind the SP for the first time since it’s release.

Is the Micro on the road to becoming a total flop?

[Source: DSRevolution]


  1. DS – 299,328
    PSP – 86,403
    Wow! I mean in past sales figures I recalled it being a relatively narrow race between the two of only a few 1000, but this, well that figure just smashed the PSP into the pulp!

    And as for the Micro dropping behind, I think that’s quite unreasonable, I mean it’s had a good few months hasn’t it? And seeing as Nintendo only intended it as a short term product it seems just about right.

  2. Man. Those are some seriously impressive figures. Eat Nintendo’s shorts, Sony. Guess they’re not going to pull a “Playstation” in the handheld market and wrestle it out of Nintendo’s iron grip quite that easily.

    I’m so happy for them, because they truly deserve those sales. DS games have simply been stellar lately. I’m having so much fun with not just my DS games, but all the GBA games I’ve missed out and can now play thanks to the backwards compatibility with GBA titles. Their best handheld yet, for sure 🙂

    It’s too bad the Micro is lagging behind, but I like how absolutely everything Nintendo is selling in Japan is still outselling the Xbox by the most hilariously huge rate ever.

  3. I don’t care if the micro becomes a total flop and dissappears: I already bought the connection and converter cables for mine, so I’m all set!
    But, if Nintendo still wants the micro to continue selling, I would suggest going the iPod way, and make new faceplates for sale!
    DS rules!! I already paid off my mortgage in Animal Crossing WW and Tom is building an extension to my house! Can’t wait to have it done and have people come visit!

  4. Yeah, you know Software sells systems, and as seen by the DS blow up, that pretty much proves it.

    What software is selling the Micro? And with two other systems of the same brand on the market, it’s doing what it’s suppose to do, sell to those who wouldn’t get a DS or GBA SP.

    And when a special collector edition Micros come back next year(NES, Pokemon, Final Fanasty), they will be selling more again.

  5. Strangely enough nobody has pointed out that 1. the xbox 360’s launch has actually gone worse than the original xbox, and 2. PS2’s sold more than xbox 360. I wonder how well the US sales of xbox 360 vs all other systems.

    And just to note, Nintendo has forced me to go find myself a job so i can finally pickup those awesome november-december titles. Luckily my old manager has been kind enough to take me back at the same pay, hooray! Mario & Luigi, Animal Crossing will be my first 2 pickups!

  6. y is the micro falling behind i tgink it is 10 x better than the SP. And the PSP, hopfully that is a dud! I still can’t beleive the micro is lower than the SP!(-_-)?

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