Rev Development Cheaper Than PSP’s

IGN are checking they’re Revolution sources again, and this time they say Revolution SDKs are selling for about $2,000, which is thousands of dollars cheaper than PSP development, believe it or not. They weren’t kidding about that whole low dev cost thing.

IGN Revolution spoke to 6 studios around the globe for further details on the kits. They’ve said that 3 revisions of the kits have been sent out thus far, with minor tweaks and boosts in power accounting for the 3 versions. Bigger publishers might already have more advanced kits in their possession. Soon, pubs like EA or Ubisoft will get an official fourth prototype SDK to get their projects ready for the big show in May, E3. The final kits are expected to ship around June time.

On a related tip, n-Space is working on a secret Revolution title and rumor has it that Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank series) might be making a PS3 game that’ll get a Rev port. So you know.

[Via Joystiq]