Rev Controller = V Pocket?

I actually feel silly posting this cause it looks so ridiculous (we’re talking sharpy fake here).

We received this image last night via email that puts an emphasis on the “v” in Revolution. It turns out that in December 2004 Nintendo did in fact register what they call “V Pocket”. Could the Revolution controller be the V pocket? If you got more info, let the commenting begin…

Real or not, thanks for the tip Tyler.


  1. Ok…the logo looks…fake…
    But that V Pocket thing….
    Sounds more like a portable gaming system…maybe you can play with the rev controllers on the go ? Like the Dreamcast’S VMUs ? Interesting…
    Maybe the Rev controller is a purse in v shape 😀 so you got like a “real” inventory and stuff 😀
    I have no clue….Nintendo does a great job keeping the secret….

  2. I still use my VMU as a pocket watch. It has Pac-Man on it, but I never play it. I know, lame. It would be cool if the Revolution has a VMU-type dealie. It would not be cool if that is what’s revolutionary about it.

  3. i don’t think its fake i think i read on revolution rumors that it was confirmed that nintendo held a trademark for it

  4. LMAO…The “halo” above the “V” is just a big O and the “V” is a V but it is also an N. Atleast thats what it looks like to me.

  5. The V actually looks like a part of a N….But I think that it’s not meant to spell On…..

    btw on an Episode of the first Season of CSI:Miami Horatio is standing in front of a car of some sort and there’s an Ad on the side and it says:”The Revolution is On”….I laughed sooo hard 😀

  6. Personally, I think the secret is in the real logo. The large O and the small o, which could also possibly refer to the Revolution disc and the Gamecube disc. It makes you think…

  7. yeah, just like the E³ logo….just combined with the V thingy….maybe that logo is fake, but it really makes you think… 😀

  8. err… sorry yo ask but what is the v pocket?

    im feeling so ignorant… 🙁

  9. hehe you know that’s the fun part:
    I think nobody knows 😀
    We’ll see……and speculate 😀

  10. V pocket isn t related to revolution, I think it related to the gameboy micro.

  11. I don’t know….what is V Pocket then ? They won’t change the GBMs name or anything like that….maybe they are going to release a new kind of Play-Yan with the GBM called V-Pocket….like in Video….

  12. the halo is well looks like an O the v is messed up and now looks like an N hmmmm. O…N ON exactly while we may not see exactly the same model we will see something like it….Trust me.

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