Koji Kondo speaks with Game|Life

Do you like music? Do you like Mario? Do like Mario music? Great, then check out Wired’s interview with Nintendo’s own Koji Kondo today:

Koji Kondo is a reticent man. A very friendly and supremely talented man, but a reticent man. Unlike Miyamoto, who will basically talk forever, many of Kondo’s responses to my questions were initially a terse “yes” or “no.”

So I put the thumbscrews to him to squeeze out some information, including a little tease about Kondo’s role in the upcoming Wii Music, some explanations about why a full orchestra wasn’t used in Twilight Princess, and more

I remember being a much younger man than I am today, and seeing Kondo’s name in the credits of many a Nintendo title. I remember because I always said aloud “Cozy Condo” and laughed and laughed. Then I heard the echo of my laughter off the empty walls of my room and cried a little.