RetroN 4 System to be Revealed at Midwest Gaming Classic

retron 4

Hyperkin has recently announced that they will unveil the newest version of their RetroN console at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Brookfield, Wisconsin on Saturday March 23.  The Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC) is held at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel, and Hyperkin’s event will commence at 11:00 A.M. Cental.


Hyperkin began operation in 2009, and they produce a variety of video game accessories, consoles, and peripherals.  The RetroN 4 is clearly an upgrade over their RetroN 3, as it boasts brand new capabilities.  Many of the details are not yet known, as Hyperkin is saving these for their unveiling, but here are some of the important system features that have already been revealed:

-The system will play NES, SNES, Genesis, and now GBA games, and there will be a cartridge slot for each

-It features a redesigned Bluetooth-enabled controller

-There are also 2 controller ports each for NES, SNES, and Genesis to allow usage of original controllers (Total of 6 ports)

-It supports both NTSC and PAL formats

-The console uses the “Perdana” digital user interface that will include various features such as button reassignment

-There will be an HDMI Output with Digital Signal Conversion

The RetroN 4 appears, at least on the surface, to be a proper blend of modern technology with retro gaming goodness.  Once all of the details have been revealed and people have had a chance to play games on it, it can be evaluated properly.  I am curious to see how the console will output fairly primitive 8-bit graphics via an HDMI connection, and if that image will be visually appealing on a large screen HDTV.  If nothing else, it helps to expose younger generations to the origins and early titles of some of the iconic franchises of today, as well as games they may not otherwise have been able to play.  It also doesn’t hurt that it helps to connect gamers that grew up playing those games with a new option for experiencing them again.

While I still have all of my original consoles in working order, I am going to give purchasing the RetroN 4 serious consideration if it does the job it claims to be able to do.  Hopefully Hyperkin will have a playable console at the MGC so that I can put it to the test…


The weekend of the MGC is easily my favorite of the year, and this year is no exception.  I enjoy spending hours upon hours immersed in all things video games, and it doesn’t hurt that there is an abundance of Nintendo products either.  There aren’t many of these events easily accessible when you live in Wisconsin, and that is part of what makes the MGC so special for me.  Much like the RetroN 4, the MGC gives a potentially new audience exposure to games they might not otherwise get a chance to experience.  In addition, the MGC includes a variety of things centered around video games.  These include:

-Hundreds of arcade and pinball machines set to “Free Play”

-Various tournaments

-A wide range of consoles from every era that are available to play

-Vendors selling games, systems, gaming merchandise, pinball accessories, etc

-A family day on Sunday that includes a Mario and Luigi Birthday Bash

-Informational panels and presentations

-Tabletop gaming

-A gaming and computing museum

-Appearances from various podcast hosts

-Interaction with local, regional, and national gamers (sometimes international gamers as well)

-And more

I would highly suggest checking out the Midwest Gaming Classic if you are in the Milwaukee area, or if you wouldn’t mind traveling there.  A weekend pass is only $35, but individual tickets can be purchased for $30 on Saturday and $15 on Sunday.  Oh, and be sure to bring your 3DS.  Imagine the StreetPass possibilities…


Hyperkin’s web site:

MGC’s web site:

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