Retro-rich Contra Rebirth Konami Codes WiiWare May 12


contrBut the completely new Contra title is only going to be available in Japan. Figures! Still, it would not be a surprise at all if the $10 title made its way Stateside after the success of other retro re-imaginings like Mega Man 9 (but not so much Gradius–corny!).


  1. Did you know that if you’re logged into Facebook on the web, you can do the Konami code on your keyboard (and substitute the Start with your Enter key). The result is annoying, but it’s pretty funny that you can do it. (Results in a sort of flashing light thing whenever you click on something or type.)

  2. Jack didn’t like Gradius Rebirth?

    anyways. I cannot wait for this game. It looks like Contra III on SNES with graphical steroids. Apparently it’s developed by Wayforward, too. So it’s bound to be good.

  3. Oh and I should add that this announcement is way better than Gold and Silver remakes.

    waay better.

  4. @gojiguy Totally Agree

    Sure hope this comes to the US, this is a game core gamers would be very happy about.

  5. i must have this. this looks like superC. i will buy this immediately…

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