Retailers report Wii sellouts

It’s not really any kind of surprise, but Nintendo is reporting sellouts across the board for the Wii the day after it launched on Nov. 19. Official numbers are not yet available, but somehow in its post-launch hangover stupor, Nintendo was able to fire off a press release touting that retailers were very happy with the results. Day one sales could be 1 million consoles or more.

“Circuit City spokesman Jim Babb told, “There were enough people in line to snap up almost all the units of the Nintendo Wii that we had in stock, so it was an instant sellout.”

Although Wii has appeared on eBay for around $500, it’s thought unlikely that these inflated prices will be sustainable, as new stocks arrive. Unlike PS3’s launch, buyers were interested in the games, rather than a quick profit. Babb added, “The people we saw today were much more likely to take these games home and play them and love them rather than flip them on eBay.”

Did your store sell out?