Resident Evil Wii details slowly shuffle forward

This week’s Famitsu magazine reveals a few more Resident Evil Wii details. The game is currently going by the title Biohazard: Umbrella Chronicles (Biohazard is the name the series goes by in the wacky and oh so loveable land of Japan). The game’s story and characters have yet to be revealed, but the title seems to indicate that recent rumors about the game delving into Umbrella’s shady past are most likely true. The article also reveals a no-brainer – that the game’s weapons will be manipulated by moving the Wiimote. The only screenshots of the game shown in the magazine are of an old fashioned dining hall and a door that’s been blasted apart.

Just imagine – the gameplay mechanics of the incredible Resident Evil 4 on Wii. Here’s to using the Wiimote to shine a flashlight, stab zombies, and deliver head- exploding shotgun blasts!