Resident Evil 5

Famitsu, the popular Japanese gaming magazine, has said that Capcom will release RE5 for both the 360 and PS3. No word on if it will be out for the Revolution, but I think if it were coming they would’ve already announced it. Do you? (I hope I’m wrong ’cause RE4 was off the hook.)

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  1. Hopefully they’ll announce something soon. Capcom has released some great games to the Gamecube this generation, I’d hate to see that dwindling away. I’ll most likely be getting a PS3 as well, however. But still, this is a bummer if it turns out to be true.

  2. Nintendo is obviously doing something wrong. Developers just don’t seem to be bothering with the Revolution. Hopefully it’s because they are waiting (like us) for real specs and control information from Nintendo before committing development. Maybe once Nintendo lays down it’s cards we’ll start getting some serious developers pledging support and announcing in development titles..

    However if they do have detailed information and the low down on the controller and are choosing not to develop because of that info, Nintendo really has dropped the ball on the next generation before it even begins 🙁


  3. If Nintendo is as different as Nintendo says it will be, maybe there will be a special Resident Evil Revolution, because ports are not possible or very hard to do….
    Or they wait untill they see how the Revolution does…so if Nintendo sells a lot of units, they develop a new RE and if the Revolution does not do well……..
    I just hope they do something….I just hope something’s happening soon….

  4. According to the press release capcom is”… confirming once again Capcom’s long standing reputation as a bold innovator within the industry.” If that statement is true, the innovator Capcom will go with Revolution like bread and butter; the innovative console with the innovative developer.

  5. Meh, who DIDN’T see this coming. Capcom’s made it publicly known that they didn’t approve of the performance of the RE series on the Cube, so it’s obvious they’d bail ship as soon as the next platforms were released.

  6. man it sucks to hear this because i loverd re4

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