Replay Value

If you were banished to an island, and could only take one game, what would it be? Okay that’s really cliche, but the question I’m getting at is what game has the best reply value? What game can light up your face every time you hit the power button regardless of it’s age or graphics?

Tell me that, and you’ll have yourself a great game.


  1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time (or any other Zelda)
    Smash Bros (any one)
    Super Mario World

  2. this is the first time commenting on your site. just like to say good job with all the nintendo news. to answer your post, a couple of games come to mind. advance wars 1&2, super mario cart, super monkey ball and, super dodge ball.

  3. Really difficult question….
    Trackmania Sunrise (great Editor and everything, but PC)
    If I’m stranded with several people Super Bomberman 😀
    And finally Illusion of Time (Gaia).
    I LOVE this game…it’s juswt sooo beautiful. Never finished it though…this Vampire Couple is pretty hard 😉

  4. i couldnt get enough of Gunstar Heroes as a kid, only time me and my brother weren’t fighting each other was when we were teaming up in mutliplayer action on that game. cant go past Goldeneye 007 multiplayer either. Geeze, i hope theres some other ppl stranded on this island!

  5. zelda 2!

  6. I’d want at least 3 games on the island please 🙂
    Super Mario World-Because there are so many levels. This game still makes me smile while playing it.
    Zelda:Twilght Princess-Not released yet I know but I’m guessing it’ll be the biggest Zelda game yet so replay will be huge.
    Mario Kart:Double Dash-Just incase I’m stuck on the island with someone else we’ll have something to play together.

  7. Advance Wars for GBA

  8. Electroplankton.

  9. Either:

    Zelda III

    Super Mario World


    either GBA Fire Emblem

  10. Super Smash Bros. Melee or one of the older Mario Games — Sunshine wasn’t real good, but all the previous ones were. Plus TONS of levels. 🙂

    Can’t wait for Zelda Twilight Princess and of course, Revolution..

  11. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of time 64

    That is the one game I can never grow tired of. It’s impossible!

  12. Super Metroid
    Metroid Prime
    Both Smash Bros
    Zelda: OoA & OoS
    Big Rigs: over the road racing

  13. This is almost too easy…

    Tetris Attack

  14. Mario Kart Double Dash. It’s the game I come back to most often.

  15. advance wars, of course! it’s challenging, it has an editor and a good game for schizophrenic multiplayer-“pass around your gba”-gaming 😉

    by the way, guys (i really don’t want to advertise here, but maybe you are interested in checking it out): my bachelor’s thesis in media design was

    “advance wars online”.

    you can play it against other people via internet. create a user, create a game, hit ’em 🙂

    i’m looking for feedback – if you want to give me some, just email me at

    you find the game here:

    (of course, i couldn’t use the name advance wars online, same for the graphics.)

    i’ve created a match called “INFENDO”. feel free to join 🙂

  16. Super Smash bros Melee. LoZ: OoT WW ALttP and probably TP. METEOS That’s all I can think of right now though.

  17. I’d say… SMB3 i think is the gratest mario game ever 😀

    or OoT or SSBM

  18. Ikaruga. It’s really difficult and a lot of fun.

  19. Super Mario All Stars

  20. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!. It’s really commendable for it’s learning curve. You’d have to have a disability of some sort to lose against Glass Joe, and if you have beaten Mike Tyson, you are a liar.

  21. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature since i alwased loved original HM games regardless which console it’s on and the HM:AWL really broke my heart since it wasn’t really like BtN, and then came the day that i accidentally broke BtN, i cried openly ever since… The game was so farm like, romantic, and each person has a deep backround that i can get into, i bought FoMT, but it wasn’t the same. *cries* i think i need to go to my little corner and cry for a hour or two =(

  22. Probably SMB3. It was pretty well the game that introduced me to gaming and it seems fitting that it would be the last game I would ever play.

  23. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Super Monkey Ball 2 for gamecube

  24. probably RE 4 or LoZ:WW or LoZ:OoT

  25. starcraft for pc or n64, ssb rev w/online

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