Remixed Kirby looks sharp on eShop

Aren’t Nintendo holiday seasons great? The first-party fun kicked off last week with the amazing Freakyforms, continued through the masterpiece Super Mario 3D Land, added a 3D Kirby (well, 3D 2D) today, and continues steamrolling toward Skyward Sword this Sunday and Mariokart 7 in December! Not to mention that there should be some announcement very soon about those ten free GBA games for Ambassadors!

But, focusing on today, 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure is now available on the eShop for $6.99. If you’ve never played this great platformer, you should definitely pick it up. If you’ve already played it–either in its original NES cartridge form or as a Wii VC download–there’s still good reason to purchase this revisit: the game has never, ever looked this good before.

The 3D is nice, but it’s the super-sharp image and brilliant color that won me over. The sprites are tiny on the 3DS screen, but the game is so crisp and easy on the eyes that it only took one level of play before the sprite size became a non-issue. Definitely worth the $6.99 (but if you haven’t downloaded Freakyforms yet, go with the freakies!)

Also be sure to check out this week’s episode of Nintendo Show 3D , which features segments on Zelda, Freakyforms and Mariokart 7. I’m definitely becoming a fan of this silly-yet-classy video promo series. And live turkeys in 3D are scary.