Reminiscing peripherals: The Game Boy Player

game boy player

Did you own a Game Boy Player? I don’t, but I wish I did. So much that I’m thinking of picking one up, especially if the much-desired Virtual Handheld service never comes to fruition.

As a non-owner, answer me this, kind reader. 1) What’s the best way to play the Game Boy Player on an HD TV? Do you use the default game borders or scale the 3×2 Game Boy Advance perspective flush with your TV edges? 2) What do you like most about the attachment? The least? 3) Should I buy one?

Okay, break!


  1. I emulate consoles and handhelds on my wii with homebrew. Final Fantasy II Dawn of Souls is a lot more fun on the wii than it ever was on the game boy for me.

  2. (1) Can’t comment, because I don’t have an HD TV.
    (2a) The ability to play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games conveniently – and legally – on a larger screen is a big plus for me, since my Game Boy Micro system isn’t compatible with older games. (Seeing awesome GBA RPGs on the TV is also a nice change when playing at home.) As an added bonus, you can buy lots of classic gameboy titles dirt cheap if you look around.
    (2b) Couldn’t find a platinum one to match my GameCube, so it’s got a black base now. Doesn’t support some of the features designed for Super Game Boy (like custom borders).
    (3) I tracked one down at a nearby EB Games, and it only cost $10 used. It has brought me a lot of enjoyment, so recommending others do the same is automatic.

    Anyway, back to my game of Super Mario Land 2…

  3. I had the Game Boy Player when I had the GC, it was a nice pace to play the GBA games on th TV when I didn’t want to be slouched our the little portable at home.

  4. Its the only reason I still keep my GameCube out of storage (seeing as it is the only GC “game” thats not compatible on the wii) Well worth the money

  5. There are some games that are really cool to play on the big screen instead of on the smaller screens of portable systems. Definitely worth the buy

  6. I got one used at gamestop for $10, and I LOVE I!!!

    except when playing the megaman BN games, the joystick is way to sensitive, and the GC’s D-Pad is really terrible, All my other games play fine, and if it’s available at a game stop near you, BUY IT!

  7. I got the Game Boy player in a bundle with my gamecube. After having it since its launch, I’ve used it more than I can describe. I can’t think of any thing bad about it. My favorite thing is the huge screen for gameboy games. for HDTVs, just use the border. It is discontinued now, so if you see it, BUY IT!!!

  8. I’ve had it for a long while now, and it’s fantastic.

    Can´t comment on HDTV or the borders, but I like the pixeldetail the most, which is probably the biggest letdown as well, depending on the game… for old GB games its cool and pixely !

    Pick one up if you get the chance, its one of Nintendo´s better addons

  9. and don’t forget that if you have a gba-gamecube cable you can use your gameboy as the controller.

  10. Using the zoom function works fine if you’re not seeing too close to the screen. If you are, then as said above the borders are fine.

    I’ve mainly used it to play Warioware Twisted on the big screen. It will be some of the greatest fun you can get anywhere. You have to move the entire gamecube around to play it. I leave a cube controller on the floor to hit A or the shoulder buttons with a foot.

  11. I really liked it when I had one, but than my gamecube melted in the car. Never did try it on an HD TV though, and I kinda wish there was an equivalent product available for the Wii.

  12. Don’t bother with the Gamecube controller. Get the SNES Retroport!

    It works like a charm on Gameboy games, GBA games, and even some 2D Gamecube games like Four Swords Adventures.

  13. srkelley…you’re amazing

  14. As far as an HD TV goes it depends on the size of the TV and your distance to the screen. I’d say go with the edges, myself. but then again full screen means its like playing an SNES.

    Oh, and really, Blake, it’s highly recommended that you get a retro port for an NES/SNES controller to go with it. It will enhance your wii games, too!

  15. Can’t say anything about HD since I’ve never owned an HDTV, but my Gamecube is still hooked up next to the Wii solely for the Game Boy Player. I grew up with the Odyssey2 (one step below the Atari 2600 graphics and soundwise), so with the “Game Boy on a big screen” experience my cup runneth over.

    What I don’t like about it is worrying about losing the Game Boy Player disc. These days any PC (and possibly the Wii itself, through homebrew) will emulate all my Game Boy games perfectly without needing to fiddle with all these physical items (the Gamecube, the GBP, my video switchbox, the GBP disc, and finally the GB/GBA game), and at some point the convenience of just being able to have all my GB games available in a single menu is going to outweigh the tiny screen size of my laptop compared to my TV.

    Anyway, if you like retro gaming at all, still have a Gamecube around, and haven’t already gotten into emulation, I think the GBP is a must.

  16. I actually ONLY owned a Game Boy Player. I never actually bought a GBA of any kind. I never got one because I did have a Game Boy and one the Super NES I bought a Super Game Boy. I loved being able to play the GB games on a TV. So I waited when the GBA came out because I figured a GBA Player would be released and yep it was.

  17. i remember getting one after betting a big fight with my mom about playing games on a small screen. and trust me, playing Pokemon fire red on a tv jut makes it that much more awesome than it already is. later i started playing Mario Luigi super star saga on it and i have to say it was surely better then playing it on my GBA at the time

  18. I play my Nintendo Gameboy Player for my Gamecube on a modern HD 720p and 1080p television and the colors are good. The problem I’m having is controller lag and I have used both a wireless Yobo Gamecube controller and the original cable controller. Someone said the HD t.v might be the problem another denied the lag and another admitted to the lag. I am experiencing controller lag and makes the games almost unplayable. You are better off playing them on a GBA or the new Nintendo DS.