Reminiscing peripherals: Super Game Boy

super game boy

Serving as a precursor to the Game Boy Player, the Super Game Boy sold for $60 in 1994. Appearing like a tall SNES cartridge, the attachment could playback Game Boy games with a limited color pallet. Yet another useful Nintendo peripheral I regret passing on.

For those who own(ed) one, do share your experience with us lesser creatures in the comments. Was it worth it? How were the colors? Were the extra SNES effects a gimmick? Spill it.


  1. I just bought a Super Game Boy about a year ago and I rediscovered Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I must say it was awesome!!
    My cousin had a Super Game Boy when I was a kid, and I remembered it as something SO COOL. I now have it and I feel special πŸ˜‰

  2. some games like Pokemon had custom screen borders, a nice touch

    ps: a friend of mine owned one

  3. I remember you could change the color scheme of the game boy games to a certain degree; you could customize up to four colors and if you made two or more of the colors the same color, details in the game would seem to disappear. I wonder what would happen if you put game boy color games in the super game boy – weren’t they the same size?

  4. I enjoyed using ours.
    As previously mentioned, the boarders were great and made me really happy when I put in a different game and it had its own custome boarder. You could even paint your own I remember. Small things for small minds.
    Loved it.
    Plus, just being able to plap GB games on a bigger screen was great too.

  5. I remember when I first got that, it was the coolest thing on earth. “Game Boy on my TV?? No way!!”

  6. The only bad thing about it was it was that they never released an updated version for GBC games.

    Well, the GBA player I guess.

  7. Metroid II was awesome on the SGB. It was almost like they made the SGB specifically for it.

  8. It was pretty great, especially with those special “Super Game Boy enhanced” games, like Donkey Kong ’94.
    I used to play Mario Picross on my little tv all the time.

  9. ooooh !

    I got one with a SNES I bought a while ago, but didn’t realise it had a special gimmick, which games are enhanced ?

  10. I still have mine. I can’t use though, because my brother spirited away my SNES.

  11. The Super Game Boy is how I was able to experience Link’s Awakening as I never owned a Game Boy until later in it’s life. Great memories! Certain games were made compatible for it that had an expanded color palette and custom borders. It was great.

  12. we owned one! but i dont remember how we got one πŸ™‚ since we only got games on xmas as kids, might of traded sumthin for it. thats how i got earthbound πŸ™‚ best thing about it that the borders had screen savors! my favorite was the outdoor one. the border evuentally turned to night, the lights in the house turned on, and you got to see shooting stars!

  13. it was awesome. i have the gb player for the cube, so can’t say i’m really reminiscing

  14. I have one! And it was awesome, especially since I found the GB screens rather unclear. Most GB color games wouldn’t play on it, but did you know that Pokemon Silver/Gold did? They released it (in Europe) in 2001, that was at the end of the 64! so the Super Gameboy survived a long time. On the back of these games you can see screenshots of the game in Super Gameboy style. It was really awesome to play these games on the big screen!

  15. I know that a Super Game Boy now is like, $30 with everything, but anyways, I remember getting a Super Game Boy from my local retro game store and playing Pokemon Yellow and Metroid II on it. I thought it was great for home use… until I got my Gameboy Color. Now it’s used so I can save my battery. πŸ˜› But I really enjoyed it for the 10 bucks I paid for it. Any other gameboy suggestions anybody? πŸ˜›