Relase dates confirmed via Nintendo presser

Release dates, confirmed by Nintendo:

3/29 – More English Training
3/12 – Mario vs Donkey Kong 2
4/19 – International Daredemo Asobi Taizen
4/19 – Nodame Canterbilly
4/26 – Panel de Pon

4/19 Super Paper Mario
4/26 Yawaraka Atamajuku (Big Brain Academy)
4/26 One Piece Unlimited Adventure

Paper Mario, yay or nay Infendo? Supposedly it’s making a debut Stateside, and not in Japan, a la the Wii. As Rawmeat at GoNintendo asked: Will the paper art design carry over well from RPG land into the world of the platformer? (it’s going to be in 16:9, BTW)