Rein Tries to Save Face

Only a few days after their interview in which Jim Merrick called Mark Rein out, Eurogamer gets the other side of the coin from Mark Rein. The Epic Games VP clarified that when he said Revolution would spawn “gimmicky, crappy, cheap, I-wish-I-hadn’t-bought-it games”, he actually “wasn’t bashing Nintendo [or] the controller, [he] was really just saying that a byproduct of having a device like this is that people are going to make games that possibly are just there because of the controller.” He continued: “I said it badly… I regret that.”

The Epic VP said that both Nintendo and the best third parties will make great use of the controller. He even called Jim Merrick after his interview with Eurogamer a few days ago and had a “long, very good chat.” In regards to Merrick’s challenge that Mark Rein take a Revolution dev kit for himself, Rein responded, “I told him we’ve absolutely love to take him up on that.” Fair enough. That doesn’t mean that Epic has anything in planning, but he says “I think Unreal Engine 3 and Nintendo Revolution would be very well suited to each other.”

[Source: Eurogamer]