Reggie Rolls DICE

At the DICE summit in Nevada today, Regemite has laid down the law for breaking the monotony of the industry:

1. It’s not about horsepower or pretty pictures. It’s about entertainment.

2. Keep mass in mass market. Reach beyond hardcore. Don’t be self limiting.

3. Don’t alienate new players with high prices or narrow content.

4. Innovate or die.

5. Create a democracy of ideas for new games, where the focus isn’t on the biggest production budgets.

Other points he hit on: 9 titles on the DS topped 1 million units sold, more than 21 million connections have been made through WiFi, the DS Download stations could drive more traffic to retailers, Nintendo hopes to lift its average [gamer] age from 16 to higher numbers for the Revolution console, and the stark differences between the next-gen consoles will mean different takes on the same games.

[Source: MercuryNews]