Red Steel slices its way to a 90 rating (NGamer)

“Not only making excellent use of the Wii’s controllers, this is huge fun in its own right. For a launch title to get so much right is an indicator of things to come.” — NGamer concluding remark in Red Steel review

But I don’t understand. There is no blood are no Gears of War-like buckets of blood [Update thanks to Anon in Comments]. It’s not even photo realistic. The dialogue was described as campy, like a Hong Kong martial arts film that has been dubbed and redubbed in Mandarin, then Cantonese, then English. And there’s no Cell processor driving this game along at the speed of light. How could they give it a 90???

An indicator of things to come. I like that. Makes me feel a wii bit tingly inside. Not get to the restroom tingly, or even Tingle tingly. But just right. Like I picked the winning side in a big fight.

Red Steel has been one big roller coaster ride since it was showcased back at E3. The last few months have seen really nothing but positive news as people got more hands-on time with it. Now it culminates with its first 90 rating. Will the hype last? Is anyone still on the fence about this one?