Red Steel: Now with two-handed swordplay fun

You’ve probably seen a few screenshots of the main character in Red Steel wielding two swords, but until today there’s been scant rumor or speculation — an Internet rarity — on how the player goes about securing the second blade. Conventional thinking says you discover it lying on the ground somewhere, a la your traditional FPS, but Red Steel is not shaping up to be your traditional FPS.

From Siliconera: “The control set up for dual katana action maps one sword to the Wiimote and the other to the nunchuck add on. If you want to get your sword skill up to the point where you can use two swords you have to follow the laws of bushido, which means limiting who you kill. Instead of dealing a final blow you have the option of forcing an enemy to bow to you. It looks like not killing an opponent is going to require more finesse than slashing through the game, but players who follow this rule will be well rewarded.”

Please note, this is all unconfirmed by Ubisoft.