RE5 Revolution Bound?

A slew of sites are quoting “someone” from the Nintendo pre-Christmas party as saying:

“Capcom and Nintendo are as close as ever, which is why it was also confirmed that what a few of us had suspected is true- Resident Evil 5 has yet to be announced for the Revolution purely because details of the system are not publicly available. There will be good news on this front, worry ye not!”

This would be great. Even though I suspect this to be true, a confirmation would be nice.

[Source: Addict3d]


  1. That would be awesome. It would be a lovely revelation, too, seeing as how games for the Revolution (aside from the franchises) have not really been discussed. Lots of people would buy it for this. Yeah, I hope it’s true.

  2. I heard that over at Joystiq too….I think….well, I heard it somewhere else..
    I really hope it’s true, not because I like RE so much, but because if Capcom does ports for the Rev, other 3rd partys can do it too….. and that’s important for a console nowadays

  3. having played RE4, i say RE5 is a MUST for Revolution. this particular game is a true system-seller.

    by the way, great work Infondo. I see you’re updating your website more often. keep up the good work.

  4. I work at the site,, the site that reported this and know the guy who said it. As for as we know, it is true.

    My name at Cubed3 is Nick Cheesman by the way, aka Sharpshot.

  5. hey sharpshot, nice to see another C3’er here at infendo 😛
    Yea good old raz has half the net talking about this lol.

    For anyone interested im howzy22 from C3, could you have guessed?? 😉

  6. It better be true, Capcom said orginally said PS3, 360, and other systems yet to be named. When was the last time Capcom made a game for the PC? Don’t make me laugh if you’re thinking the phantom.

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