RE5 Coming to Revolution?

Nintendo of America is claiming we may have word later this year about RE5 for the Revolution when the system is fully unveiled. Capcom also claimed the game would be coming to other systems. Amen to that.

[Source: GameCube Europe]


  1. Yes thank god, now I won’t have to buy a PS3 or Xbox 360. I’ve been light on cash latley and had enough trouble supporting the DS GCN and PS2 (though that’s my sisters and I only play FF and Katmari Damcey though, don’t hate me)

  2. Shame on you josh! 😉
    I’d get a PS2 just for Katamari if it was out here 🙁

    Great news ! Though I think they will announce a different RE5, a special Revolution exclusive version, because they’ll want to use the Rev’s features. But they are not allowed to reveal anything about the Rev, so they didn’t say anything.
    Maybe with the revealing of the Rev, there is going to be a huge announcement of 3rd party games…
    So Nintendo might want to tell us everything at once 😉
    Can’t wait, can’t wait….

  3. Great news! I thought 3rd party suport was already beginning to be a problem for Revolution.

    With the RE5 no-show up to now and EA just porting stuff from the other consoles, it already doesn’t look all that good for 3rd party support.

    Can Nintendo be blind again about this major problem?

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