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“Nintendo occupies a unique position in our industry. We are one of the top two game system manufacturers in the world and one of the top two game publishers in the world. Nintendo remains first and foremost a content company. We exist for the love of the game. We’re about the levels the characters, the interface, the entertainment. We’re about reaching what’s known, and going into the unknown…. Today, you’ll begin to understand how our Revolution is preparing to storm the gates. … For 16 years Nintendo has OWNED the portable game space. We created it, and we’re not moving out.”

– Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President at E3 2005


  1. reggie said that

  2. just update the picture to the correct guy before the starts taking names!

    I sure hope the reggienator comes as hidden character on Smash Brothers. at least get him to fight Chuck Norris.

  3. given the imperialistic tone of this sentence it would have been really surprising if it had been pronounced by satoru iwata and not by an american.

  4. vakerorokero is on to something. We just need to have someone photoshop a SSBM background with Reggienator vs. Miyamoto (with his Link sword/shield)! Not that they’re enemies, I just think it would be hilarious.

  5. When Fils-Aime does pushups, he doesn’t pushes himself up, he pushes the Earth down!

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