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With the online plan we have, there’s no fee. It’s easy to use. There’s no setup for the player. …We wanted something that was safe, reliable, and didn’t cost the player anything.

– Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo
Amen to that.


  1. Well, I’m afraid this is something I disagree with Nintendo on. I want a community where everyone has an identity, not just multiplayer with a stranger with the same “skill level” as me over the internet. How do you do a MMORPG when you have no identity? How do you find your friends to play with them when there is no identity? Wasn’t one of Nintendo’s main concerns about online play creating a community? How can you have a community when you have no identity?

    Oh well, maybe it will turn out all right. I do hate all those online communities where people who spend every waking minute on it, allowing them to have an incredibly high score/amount of time on/number of posts/etc. and because of this, they treat everyone else inferior. Maybe this service will turn out to be a blessing.

  2. heck yes, Miyamoto = Genius.

  3. I think he meant “No setup for the player” as in you don’t have to install stupid things on memory cards and know whether your router is configured for DHCP or not, like with PS2 current offering.

    I’m sure you will have an identity 🙂

  4. Yeah you will have an identity for sure….

    Great quote…I just hope it works out 😀

  5. Pardon my french, but that f@#*ing rocks.

  6. I think this idea is absolute genius on Nintendo’s part. I’ve always had little faith in online gaming, because I enjoy games for the same reason I enjoy books, they’re an escape for me. With online play, you always get those unemployed guys who play for hours and have gods for players that no one can beat. And who really want’s to be playing Final Fantasy and have Priness Garnet lean over and say “Hey, did you see that hot chick in gym today?”. It ruins the effect of RPG’s. But I think the titles Nintendo has chosen for it’s Wi-fi are all appropriate. I can’t wait for Animal Crossing DS, and same with Mario Kart DS. And free…It’s like I died and went to heaven

  7. I have little to no faith in Nintendo on this.. it’s getting less day by day.

    I totally understand why they didn’t want to provide online play until they had it perfected.

    Ok so it’s perfected in Nintendo WiFi Connection?

    Then WHY is Mario Kart DS now going to only allow 4 player racing online, and not 8 player. Why is BattleMode now not included in the WiFi play? It makes no sense.. it’s beyond comprehension. Can anyone provide a reason why BattleMode can not be online? Other than Nintendo didn’t think it was worth the effort to do?

    Why is Metroid DS, the game which is supposed to be all about Multiplayer not using WiFi? Push the game back a month or two if need be. Metroid Online would be so damn hudge. Nintendo has no clue on this..

    I think Nintendo is doing online play because they HAVE to, not because they want to or know what they’re doing.

    I hope they prove me wrong, but many of the choices Nintendo are taking are proving me right…

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