Tetsuya Nomura: New Kingdom Hearts To Be Announced Soon

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have many questions.  Some have been answered, many are still lingering. The series seems to have more twists and turns than a corn maze that was created by a drunk farmer.  As the series progresses we dive deeper into the intertwining lives of the characters.

Nomura was featured in an interview about the series in the Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania guide book recently.  Although no official news on Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced, he did have this to say about his team:

“[they have] started making a variety of movements for the new title(s) in the series.”

Below are some excerpts from the interview:

-Does the secret message hint at Kingdom Hearts III?

Nomura: Use your imagination, the correct answer will come to you.

-Will there be a KH3D Final Mix?

Nomura: There are currently no plans for this.

-What about Birth By Sleep Vol. 2?

Nomura: There is a story that exists however producing a sequel isn’t possible at this time. (It goes on to state that the Osaka team is currently working on several projects.)

-The series producers states that he would like to see Pixar worlds in future Kingdom Hearts titles.

-Nomura plans to have an announcement regarding a new Kingdom Hearts title in the near future!

Nomura also pointed out that his team will be able to make an announcement soon.  For the fans of Kingdom Hearts, we know that “soon” may be within the next ten years or so.  Of course I am joking about the ten years, but I don’t expect the announcement to come yet this year.  I hope I am wrong.

Nomura also did not hint that the next game would be Kingdom Hearts 3, but he did say that there are no plans to release Birth by Sleep 2 or a Final Mix version.  Could thins meant that KH3 will actually be next, or maybe another filler game?  If it is a “filler” game, I kind of hope that it is for the Wii U.  It would be awesome to use the motion controls to swing around the key blade.  As much as I dislike gimmiky pre-order bonuses, I would have a total nerdgasm if  it came with a key blade shaped motion controller!

I think I am getting a little too far ahead of myself here.  What system would you like to see the Next Kingdom Hearts appear on (please explain why)?  Should it be Kingdom Hearts 3 or another filler, if a filler what would you like it to explain?



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